My most memorable trip: Trek with my teenager to Brahmatal in Uttarakhand | #SpeakEasyWithRuchiNDips

Ever since Abhimanyu was a little boy, we had a special bond that got even stronger because of a concept called Mumma-Abhu time. He and I would take off on weekends to exciting places and have a blast.

When he turned 8.5, my daughter, Sanskriti came into our lives and we all got busy with our little bundle of joy. Abhimanyu became the responsible Little Daddy and my health was spiralling downwards. You all know the story of my health transformation and how Abhimanyu was the inspiration and catalyst behind it.

My darling son turned 15 on March 23, 2020. In January 2020, we went on the most memorable trip – ever…

My darling Abhimanyu turned 15 in March 2020. He is taller than me and my best buddy. Around, October 2019, we both realised that we were missing our precious Mumma-Abhu time. That’s how we did something super exciting. Something that would bring us both out of our comfort zones.

A trip that would change our lives forever and bond us together once again.

We prepared for this one, the trek to Brahmatal in Uttarakhand, 22KM, 12250 feet above sea level. We worked on stamina building through running, climbing stairs and cardio activity. We built our lean muscle and meditated often.

We both saw snow for the first time in our lives and we went CRAZY!!

It was amazing to be amidst nature and admire God’s creations. We both had a blast, fighting like Tom and Jerry, agreeing to disagree, cuddling to keep warm and motivating each other to do our best.

Together we fought snow storms, beat the rain, shuddered at the lightning but didn’t stop walking. We emerged as better people with more confidence in ourselves and each other. We rediscovered our relationship from that of mother and son to that of real buddies. I realised that my little boy had grown up into a logical, responsible and possessive young man who is rooted in family values.

Like his father, Abhimanyu is a man of few words and this trip made him pour his heart to me. I discovered a new side to him. One that is so caring and so mature. I am so blessed that Amarkant Jain supported us to take this adventure. He single-handedly managed work, home and the boisterous Sanskriti. All so that his two most favourite people could have their own space.

Friends, I strongly recommend a vacation with your growing children. It helps a lot… who knows, you may discover a new you, just like I did.

Penned by:

Mayura Amarkant

Undertaking this journey with 32 AMAZING bloggers!.

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  1. Trekking and going on trips with your son is a different ball game altogether. Our first trip was to Nagarjuna sagar backwaters close to Hyderabad where we camped under the stars and it was a wonderful experience. Looking forward to reading more on your experiences and trips and looking to share a few myself.. Thanks for penning your experiences as well!

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  2. Travelling brings memories. And when there are kids the fun doubles. Seems you enjoyed a lot. Beautiful pictures. #dewreads

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  3. Travelling does make us learn a lot about ourselves and others too. Like you found a while new other side of your son. And that’s the reason, they say that if you want to spend your life with someone, go a trip with them 🙂

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  4. Wow loved the post Mayura and I m sure you and your son must have an amazing experience with this trip. I agree traveling with kids offers lots of advantages and we should try to plan more often with our kids.

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  5. I so agree with you Mayura. As a child myself I felt so much difference when I travelled on some exciting trip with my mother but we ready had a few trips. I so wish to have more with her and my daughter. 😊

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  6. This was such a beautiful and heart-warming read, Mayura. Could feel and see that proud mom in this post. After reading your post I too envision for such a trip with my son, boys are always a man of few words. Want to bond and know him more. Loved the video and the trek pictures.

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  7. Such a beautiful post,Mayura. Brahmatal is one tough trek,so amazing that you’ll completed it together. I rarely hear of a Mom-Son trip, and I am so glad that your post took me through one.
    Beautiful pics and narration.

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  8. What a lovely Mumma – Son bond. So proud of Abhimanyu for being the caring son that he is. Teenage is actually tough for many kids and the kind of bond that you both formed in this trip actually helps in building a stronger relationship. Kudos to the spirit! loved the post and the video was so cute.

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  9. This is so inspiring Mayura, I can see the confidence and pride of a mother for his son when he behaves like a mature and responsible person. Throughout reading your post back of mind I was planning to have the same fun with my kiddos one day like mother-son type of mother-dqughter trip. I loved it!

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  10. Wow Mayura… this must have been awesome. Mother son trip looks super fantastic. After my son was born and a little big, me n my daughter took a week long holiday in Singapore. Just the two of us. Such wonderful memories we share about that trip.

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  11. What a lovely read! Thank you for sharing this snippet, I love the emotions and adventures which brought you both closer and strengthened your bond.
    I wonder, do you also have something similar that you do with your daughter?

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  12. Wahhh. How lovely dear Mayura. A sweet story of mother and son. First time seeing and touching snow. Ahh! How awesome! Really a memory to cherish forever. Lovely post Mayura.

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  13. Like the concept of mumma-abhi time. And feel that I should also have the same with my daughter. Though she is little but your story gives push how to have a strong bonding with our kids. I also got surprised to saw first time snow. I can relate the excitement. Love your post.

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  14. I cant express my emotions after reading your experience with your big boy. Parents can understand their kids only when they spend quality time with them. I will sure plan a trip with my son too after this crucial period.

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