Shujaat-Bukhari Rising Kashmir

Journalist Shujaat Bukhari shot dead. Terrorism reaches a new low in Kashmir

My fingers are trembling as I type this post. Rising Kashmir’s Chief Editor, Shujaat Bukhari & his PSO’s were shot dead by terrorists in Press Colony, Srinagar. Bukhari was leaving for Iftar when the attack took place.

Just hours before his sudden death, Bukhari had tweeted that “Journalism with pride has been done in Kashmir & will continue to highlight what happens on the ground.”

Shujaat Bukhari last tweet
Even in his last tweet, Shujaat Bukhari continued to defend journalism & his actions

I have been a freelance features journalist for the past 18 years and have always admired the grit and courage displayed by ground reporters. It takes tremendous courage to report facts and present them in front of the public.

Shujaat-Bukhari Rising Kashmir
He was the Chief Editor of the newspaper & website – A mirror to Kashmir.

He was the Chief Editor of the newspaper & website – a mirror to what was happening in Kashmir. Rising Kashmir is Jammu and Kashmir’s prominent & widely-read English daily newspaper.

If you go through the website, you will find many bold and untold stories of Kashmir that would have never been told had it not been for the fearless journalism displayed by Bukhari and his team.

Shujaat Bukhari Tweet
Despite being trolled & threatened, he continued to do his duty as a journalist. Such show of bravery is rare.

Journalists like Shujaat Bukhari deserve a national honour and not a bullet.

Despite being trolled and threatened, Bukhari continued to do his duty and reported the facts the way they were. He raised his voice against injustice in Kashmir and today, terrorists shot him dead. Did they not prove their cowardice? Did they not prove that what Bukhari was reporting was the truth and nothing but the truth?

Shujaat Bukhari shot dead
Horrifying image of the death scene
Shujaat Bukhari shot in the car
This is not how a fearless journalist deserves to die. Terrorists have reached a new low in their actions.

Journalists like Bukhari do exist in this world. While there is a portion of media that is always condemned for their irresponsible reporting, he and his team stand out as shining examples of true journalism.

Today we lost the voice of Kashmir….we lost one more face of true, fearless journalism.

Penned by:

Mayura Amarkant 

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