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From one dreamer to another…about dream catchers and relationships…

I got a phone call from my office. I was at home that day. One of my students, Priyanka Surve who is now Founder of an Advertising agency called Motley, had decided to surprise me. I was taken aback when she said that she had left a gift for me and it was “long overdue”. I had no memory of what was “long overdue”. Nevertheless, I asked her to drop it at the office. I forgot all about the gift and turned my thoughts towards Priyanka.

Priyanka Surve
My student, Priyanka Surve – a fellow dreamer.

My memories of Priyanka are very strong. She is a wonderful human being with a heart of gold. Even as a student, she used to provide content to prominent websites and advertising agencies. Many times I used to catch her pouring over a professional assignment during the late hours in college. Her million dollar smile would lend hope to anyone who is sad. She was a friend to everyone and spread happiness wherever she went.

She is a dreamer, just like me; always drowned in her thoughts and world of words.

Did I mention my lifestyle? My family comes under the category of what we call ‘The Urban Poor’. People who live a fabulous lifestyle and are always struggling to make ends meet. The fault lies in their lifestyle, spending habits, EMIs and credit card bills. Their lives are dominated by the Epicurean philosophy of ‘Eat, drink and be merry’.

It was that time of the month – when the bank account runs dry and one is counting every penny while spending. I was standing in front of this beautiful stall that displayed the most intriguing stuff. Trinkets, bracelets, wind chimes and…dream catchers.

Dream catchers are fascinating pieces of art. They are the most strikingly beautiful things that I have ever seen.

Traditionally, dream catchers are supposed to protect people who are sleeping. They filter the bad dreams and allow the good dreams to come through. Dream catchers are hung in bedrooms and possess the power to catch all the dreams. They trap the bad ones and only allow the good ones to pass through.

Dream catcher
Some of the most beautiful dream catchers…

The stall housed a variety of colourful dream catchers in different colours, shapes, and sizes. The base cost was about INR 250. I opened my wallet and found exactly INR 275. I was so thrilled, just when I fished out the money, my husband hurriedly arrived at the scene. He needed money to pay for the parking. I quietly handed over the money and walked behind him with my head hung low. He kept asking me what was wrong, but I didn’t tell him. We were on a tight budget that month and any extra spends would mean a dent. Even an amount as low as INR 250 could be used in a more fruitful manner.

I changed the topic and the evening was happy again.

I quietly asked the universe to take care of my dream. As the days went by, I completely forgot about the incident. I also forgot about a conversation that I had had with Priyanka about a metal dream catcher that she was wearing one day. Life is like that, one just pushes dreams behind and moves forward thinking of new ones. But someone in the universe is always listening to our subconscious. The universe conspires to make our most cherished dreams come true.

Facebook conversation
I had completely forgotten about this conversation with her. The Universe was listening though…

When I received that parcel, my joy knew no bounds. I was too overwhelmed to call Priyanka and thank her. I just didn’t know how to thank her. Words cannot do justice to the happiness that I felt when I saw what lay within the packaging.

Guess what Priyanka’s gift contained? A beautiful metal dream catcher. I sport it with pride.

dream catcher
The gift of good dreams from one dreamer to another…

It is a reminder that the universe loves me and will take care of me as long as I live.
Thank you, Priyanka for restoring my faith in my dreams.

Let’s dream on, till we meet again.

Priyanka Surve owner of Motley
This wonderful artist is now going to make a real dream catcher. Yipeee!!!

Penned by:

Mayura Amarkant

Do you also believe in dreams?  What are your thoughts on the kindness that the Universe displays towards us? Let me know. I would love to read your comments. Do share the post if you like it. 





  1. That’s such a lovely dreamcatcher necklace Mayura. I would love to know where to get it. I have few friends who would love this and I would love to gift them!

    And so about dreams. I do love dreams and believe in them. But I don’t really ever think about the universe working it’s ways to conspire in our favor, I find myself focusing more on what I can do and raising my capabilities to fulfill any sort of dreams that I or someone else or we together as a big family, as humanity, have.


    1. Hey Omkar, I don’t know where one can find a dream catcher necklace. I will ask her and let you know.
      I too believe in focussing on my capabilities, but don’t you think a dream is the beginning of the journey?


  2. Life is like that, one just pushes dreams behind and moves forward thinking of new ones. But someone in the universe is always listening to our subconscious. The universe conspires to make our most cherished dreams come true.

    How true the words are, Mayura. Priyanka seems to be a beautiful soul. I need to have a check on my spending. I will pay attention this month! Thanks for this inspiring post:)


  3. This is such a sweet post, Mayura! I am not a person who expresses her gratitude often. So far of universe conspiring, I believe everything happens for a reason. And dreams, yes of course I dream. Always! 😉
    P.S. I loved the dream catcher you got. On my next month’s buying list.


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