#40NotOut | 7 effective ways to rest and recover during health transformation | #BlogchatterA2Z

Many beginners on the path to good health start their fitness journey with a vow to never stop. And that is what they do! They exercise throughout the week without giving the body any rest to recover. as a result, they end up feeling sore and tired all the time. At this stage, most give up exercising saying that it is too hard and makes them very tired. If you are the relentless exerciser then this post is for you!

My husband & I are incompatible – Is my marriage successful?

What is the true story behind a 'perfect marriage'? Do opposites really attract? Is there a formula for a successful marriage?

From this world to the next, a transition in waiting

Every crossroad is actually a transition that is a harbinger of better days. At some point in life, one introspects and wonders what the future holds.

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