Amazon Bestseller – Bombay 3: Review by Mohamed Thaver

“What I found particularly likeable was how Dixit has recreated the world of Bombay 3, a part of south Mumbai where he has grown up and observed with the detail of a journalist’s eye.The bit about the three friends who form the central characters of the book looking at trains, debating which one is the best and making plans to go out someday are also endearing.” – says Mohamed Thaver, senior journalist

A thriller enthusiast – then Abhay and State of Siege: 26/11 should definitely be on your watch list | #StayHomeToZEE5

If you are looking for an answer to the best thriller web series, I have got two recommendations for you:
Abhay and State of Siege: 26/11 on Zee5.
If you are looking for an episodic thriller with edge-of-the-seat entertainment quotient then Abhay should be on your thriller watchlist in 2020. 
If you love thrillers that contain highly racy depictions of real events, then State Of Seige: 26/11 is for you. Grab a popcorn and a hot chocolate and settle in for an entertaining day during the lockdown. #StayHomeToZEE5