Mumbai Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega|Shishir Joshi and Project Mumbai Army during COVID19 Lockdown

While many pseudo-intellectuals were busy updating their social media on how "worried" they were about the daily wage earners and the homeless, the Project Mumbai Army was silently putting up a backend to combat the issue. Read on to learn about how Shishir Joshi and the army at Project Mumbai is serving Mumbai during COVID 19 Lockdown.

Mumbai’s silent Sculptor: Shishir Joshi

HAMARA STATION, HAMARI SHAAN saw 25000+ volunteers supported by 100 institutions who participated in a beautification drive across 36 railway stations in Mumbai. All this within a span of 7 days in October 2016! Shishir Joshi, CEO - Mumbai First, sheds light on this revolutionary idea.

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