Celebrating Womanhood at Lokmat Sakhi

This Lokmat Sakhi session made me sit up and listen. I emerged wiser, armed with vital tips to align my life.

Marathi nostalgia with a contemporary twist

Here is a sister duo who weave Marathi nostalgia into contemporary fashion. Their products are offering an experience of one generation to the other in the form of gifts!

We won the best award in the whole world!

It was 2 am in the morning. And we hadn't slept for more than 20 hours now. However, we felt relaxed, happy and blessed. We cuddled our son to sleep. To have a child as a partner and best friend is the most blessed feeling in the world.

Marriage is a warm, intimate cocoon

Witty, intelligent and balanced, are three adjectives that are most suited to Janhavi Samant, Entertainment Editor - Lokmat. In a heart to heart conversation, she left me awestruck and motivated. This is the second post in the #StayInspired series. It touched my heart, I hope it touches yours too. Read on...

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