A2Z of Online Branding: How to EXECUTE a Content Strategy EFFECTIVELY (5/26)

The challenge is: HOW to create a content strategy that works? If the goal is to attract organic traffic online, what exact, strategic ways should you adopt to get the right traffic? If you dedicatedly follow the steps, you will be able to develop an effective strategy that yields steady traffic over a period of time. You must remember to review the strategy and change it whenever time demands.

A2Z of Online Branding: DECIDING a Content Strategy (4/26)

Most new entrants into the world of Online Branding erroneously believe that a Content Strategy for Online Branding is not a big deal.  Guess what? CONTENT STRATEGY FOR ONLINE BRANDING is a VERY BIG DEAL! The days of merely posting on social media are over and days of updating the website once in 6 months are over. It is essential for brands to have regular conversations going on social media and update the website regularly so that the customers are tuned in to the brand. The challenge of a content strategy is the cut the clutter and emerge as the winning brand in terms of customer engagement.

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