IGTV Guide – How to use Instagram’s new feature? 14 tips to use it like IGTV like a pro!

With the introduction of IGTV, Instagram has taken away eyeballs from entertainment apps and YouTube in one single swipe. It provides the viewer with curated content and thus the algorithmic viewing ensures that the right TG views a video all the time. For creators, it is a boon in disguise since the existing Instagram follower base automatically becomes the viewer base for IGTV.  However, many users are still struggling with understanding what IGTV really is & how to use it for their benefit. This guide should help you. 

My secrets revealed: How to index your blog and posts in Search Engines?

Picture this: You wrote a great post and published it on your blog. You keep searching for the blog post in the search engines and face disappointment when you don't find it even on the 10th page of the search result. You go back to the post and check if you have typed in the keywords & recheck whether the title is eye-catching enough. You wait and still the post is not indexed by search engines. Frustrated, you just resign to believing that maybe your post is not good enough for people to like it.  Sounds familiar? If yes, then this post is for you. Loads of my blogger friends are always asking me about how I get great traffic on my blog and how is it that my blog posts are always indexed by search engines. Well, in this post, I will be revealing my secret on how I achieve faster indexing.

30 Tips to drive Website Traffic, Leads and Conversions

You must use your website as a promotional, lead generation, and conversion tool. This post will show you 30 ways in which you can ensure that you gain maximum from your website. Follow these tips to get tonnes of traffic to your website, learn how to use the traffic to get leads and conversions. This might be a good time to review the effectiveness of your current website and see what changes can be made in order to increase visibility and lead generation for your business.

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