I returned to sports after 25 years…I am now a happier person :) :)

Once the life of parties, I now could manage to dance for 2-3 minutes maximum and then sat down to catch my breath. 
The athletic Mayura was an image that I could remember faintly, felt no connect whatsoever.
Fortunately, there were no medical alarms that were raised. At the ripe age of 40, I was standing at the crossroads of life with almost nil stamina and loads of work stress. It was like a ticking time-bomb.
Today, I am a happier person, more positive and have learnt to be a team player. Its amazing when one meets like-minded people who are bonded in just one spirit – the spirit of sports and camaraderie.

Juhi Chawla Abbott

Manage Thyroid issues & live a healthy life: #RuleOutThyroweight

I come across many people experiencing weight-gain, tiredness and nausea despite taking care of their health. It was only when I attended a talk on #RuleOutThyroweight, did I learn about the concept of Thyroweight that can throw life off-balance. Thyroweight is weight gain and tiredness experienced under thyroid disorder.

I hope that this blog post will help my friends to manage their thyroid issues and get their life back on track.

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