Short Story: Locked in a closet with a stranger during communal riots

Riots had broken out, a Hindu boy was accused of raping his Muslim classmate & both communities had gone ballistic. Jyotsna was in the physics laboratory and had climbed into the closet, only to find that it was already occupied. For both to fit in, they had to snuggle close, really close. What happened next?

The incomplete kiss…

'Today i will take the new Sea-link...and one day I will kiss her while driving on the sea-link'... He could picture her in a silk gown...looking as ravishing as ever, halter necks really suit slender frames like hers he thought to himself...he could see her skin glistening under the bright lights of the Sea-link...and just under the tallest part of the bridge...he could see him just about to kiss her in the moonlight...

Gloria’s Quest for Peace: Short Story

She mindlessly spat out the piece of nail that she had been chewing for the past 5 minutes. It flew across the room and landed on the shiny glass table near the sofa. On a normal day she would have hurriedly picked it up before a mother shouted at her. But today, nothing mattered to this 18 year old.

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