#StoryTellersBlogHop: Fragrances of Emotions!!!

Era of Illumination


She sat there on an empty chair in the garden. The place was swooping with people. She looked around. Most of them were couples. Lovers, friends, family…These people could be any of these… she thought. Her gaze travelled around the garden and then beyond to the beautiful shores. People were hovering in the waves, out of their busy lives, to have a good time with their loved ones. They are not here…but somewhere else.! Her mind told herself with a wide smile. She sat there for around an hour, watching the sun coming down. Her mind went back to the time she came with her friends to watch the sunrise, only to realize it was the wrong shore. They were on the opposite side of the happening. She smiled again, thinking about the mind’s blunders and those happy moments which have gone past. The memories always leave us wanting…

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