Rani’s forbidden love – Part 1

Beryl B

In a forbidden desert by the Indo-Pak border a fortress given its ten centuries of history, held secrets. A quarter of Rani’s genes trace back to this fortress and her aristocratic inherence, but she will never know it.

It was midnight, Rani washed her face and then stared at her reflection in the mirror, which said ‘75 years old today eh’. Rani’s true self responded, “I am not old dear. I am cutting edge’, she chuckles. ‘I am alive with experiences and adventures of a lifetime.’ As she hit the bed she reminisced about her day, after all, it was her milestone birthday today and everyone she loved and cared about was there. Binsa, her only daughter, went all out setting up the event on a beach in Goa. She sponsored tickets and hotels for all the guests. Rani had witnessed, her grandchildren playing games in the arcade, and her…

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