Celebrity Mouni Roy’s secret for a calm & peaceful mood & mind

I am always complimented for my skin and its quality. “You don’t look 45… your skin is amazing… what do you use? You look so young!”

Life in the maximum city, Mumbai has always been stressful. However, in recent times, with the rise in pollution, inflation, and problems, stress is at an all-time high.

Harmful emissions at home and outside are a primary cause of skin tiredness, fatigue, and damage. To add to this harmful UV rays inside our homes and outside are a contributing factor to skin damage.

People like me who lead a high-stress life with home, office, family, kids, in-laws, and sports need a getaway every single day.

I look forward to my bath time as an exclusive me-time. A world where no one else is allowed to enter. It transports me into a blissful place where serenity rules.

These are common compliments I get every day from people around me. Yes, I am blessed with healthy skin and use minimal products to keep it healthy.

I am always on the lookout for products that cause minimal damage to the skin.

Most products in the market are loaded with harmful chemicals and put you in a spin.

 When we use commercial body washes and shower gels, they increase the pH levels of the skin. The acid mantle of the skin thus gets compromised. Did you know that most body washes and shower gels have a PH of 9? Handmade and other beauty soaps in the market have caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) which has a harmful PH of over 11!!

I have always been a fan of actress Mouni Roy’s performances and flawless skin. When I heard that Mouni Roy has a secret to a calm and peaceful mind, it intrigued me to know more. She recently agreed to advertisement endorsements of the Bryan and Candy Luxury Foaming Body wash, Luxury Aromatic Fragrance Candles, Moisturising Bar, and Gift Set.

You use the harmful products–they damage your skin–to cure the damage; you use more products–those products further damage the skin–and the cycle goes on.

  • Come in many varieties (Basil and lemon peel extract, Cocoa shea butter, delicate rose, and tropical fling of Bryan and Candy are my favorite choices)
  • Don’t need a loofah so that I can easily carry it to the swimming pool
  • Lends a healthy glow by detoxifying the skin
  • A PH of 5.5 that aids in skin renewal
  • Skin-friendly ingredients that don’t damage my skin
  • Moisturize even as I bathe (Bryan and Candy’s pentavin allows that)
  • Clean, healthy, soft skin
  • Ideal for daily use for my entire family of four
  • Pocket-friendly product

I was clearly looking for products that:

My experience:

I used the Nottie Berries Luxury Foam Body Wash by Bryan and Candy.

The fragrance was mesmerizing! It was as if I was in a garden full of berries and goodness.

The formula is free from sulfates and parabens and thus didn’t irritate my skin. It led to soft and smooth skin. This is something I really needed because I have been playing throw ball and cricket in the harsh sun and the damage was beginning to show.

I also used the Black Currant and French Vanilla soap-free ultra-moisturizing bar.

How can a cleansing bar not be a soap? I just couldn’t understand before I tried the product. But yes, it is a cleansing bar that also moisturizes. It leaves a lasting fragrance that makes me feel pampered throughout the day. That harmful chemicals are not touching my body lends a spring in my step.

Try out the products, they are amazing and affordable. A must-have for those who are looking for nourishment and stress relief through a luxurious bathing experience.

Penned by:

Mayura Amarkant

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