Bridging the gap between rural and urban India | Desi Bandhu Farm Produce and Travels

Truly, organic products are the best way to remain healthy! My friend Saurabh Jalan introduced me to these amazing organic products at Desi Bandhu Farm Produce his own venture.

While speaking to me over a hot cup of desi adrak chai, Saurabh shared, “Many years back I took a journey to lead a fantastic life by backpacking in remote villages of India. It made me rediscover myself and transformed me into a community developer & today I only work towards adding value to society in the purest ways possible. Our vision is to lead people to the most simple & healthy ways of life.” 

It is his vision to source organic products from the interiors of India and place them before the urban consumers. This is his way of contributing to the health of our society.

His super enthusiastic and intelligent wife, Ankita ably supports Saurabh in his farm produce business and travel business.

My friends know I quit using oil about 4 years ago and cook all the food in homemade ghee only. Thanks to Saurabh I have gone back to using organic oil.
I found the cold-pressed groundnut oil, light on the stomach, and delicious.
The Desi Cow’s ghee by Gopal Krishna was very granular and extremely tasty on hot phulkas. My little one loved a dollop on her favorite khichdi.
In this crazy hot weather, the Mega Farm Rasmalai crush with dry fruits was a lifesaver. My elder son garnished his vanilla ice cream with it and loved the taste.

Thank you, Saurabh for introducing me to the exclusive products at Desi Bandhu.

Saurabh’s Desi Bandhu Travels is making a mark in the inner travel circles for its unique and exclusive travel tours deep within the interiors of India. They have aimed the unique vacation packages at supporting the hyper-local lifestyle and introducing the urban folk to India’s culture, heritage, food, art, and lifestyle.

“Our Idea is to guide urban people to the core villages of India, show them the life of the small-town and tribal people. And in this way create a beautiful flow of exchange of ideas, cultures, traditions & energy” says the ever-smiling and visionary, Saurabh Jalan.

You can visit their website: for more information about Desi Bandhu’s tour packages, products etc.

Penned by:

Mayura Amarkant

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