All that you wanted to know about air-ionizers and didn’t know whom to ask?

The last two years have been the most tragic years for humanity as the deadly CoronaVirus has engulfed millions of lives across the globe. Many of us have lost near and dear ones because of this pandemic. Despite the vaccination drives, the virus mutated itself into many variants and people are still getting affected.

Globally, countries tried various measures such as lockdown among others, where people had to stay indoors to avoid getting affected. Since this is an air-borne virus, one has to wear masks, avoid touching un-sanitized objects, through which the probability of the virus spread is higher, and maintain social distance. Honestly, people are tired and exhausted from staying indoors for over 2 years now as it has affected their financial stability and immunity as well.

Indoor air pollution is the degradation of indoor air quality by harmful chemicals and other materials; it can be up to 10 times worse than outdoor air pollution.

Indian Journal of Community Medicine

Most of us have ACs installed in our homes and offices and the same air circulates in the closed room. This is a very tricky and dangerous situation as many of us have parents who are senior citizens and are more susceptible to contracting the virus.

I too have been the victim of the SARS-COVID-2 virus during the second lockdown and believe me it was a harrowing period for my entire family.

So, what is that we can do to prevent ourselves from contracting this deadly virus and its variants and avoid its further spread.

Well, after doing much research, I came across the study of air ionizers that are certified by accredited labs and are really effective in neutralizing the virus. But before that, let us understand the science behind the ionizers.

What are ionizers?

Ionizers are a special type of air purifier that purifies the air, but they also keep you safe from all airborne contagious diseases by killing diseases like viruses present. They do this by electrically charging the air, releasing millions of ions into the air. These ions attack all pollutants and impurities present in the air, making them especially necessary to have during this pandemic.

How do air ionizers work? And how are they different from regular air purifiers?

Using high voltage, it ionizes the air all around it by releasing millions of positively and negatively charged ions. These ions react with particles in the air and eliminate them. Ionizers have proven to be very effective in removing impurities and microscopic pollutants from the air, mainly because of their filter-less technology. Instead of filtering the air, it cleanses it by eliminating all impurities present. By releasing millions of ions every second, they purify the air down to the molecular level. This technology protects you from airborne diseases by killing viruses or bacteria present in the air. The ions also eliminate any odor in the air This also means you don’t need to clean or replace the filter because it works without one. This makes them more efficient and long-lasting than regular air purifiers. To prevent overcharging the air, ionizers have an auto trip mechanism that automatically turns them off after 3-5 hours.

Most air purifiers or air ionizers have filter-based technology. Filters require regular cleaning and even replacement over a period of time, which comes at an additional cost.

How effective are air ionizers against deadly viruses like Covid-19?

While viruses keep mutating into new variants, one thing all viruses have in common is their structure. Every virus has a positive ion present in its structure. The millions of ions released by the ionizer react with the ion in the virus, neutralizing it and killing the virus. This technology is also used to kill bacteria, fungi and has proven to kill 99.99% of all viruses. Ionizers have especially been proven effective against respiratory viruses like SARS and Influenza. The only problem was they weren’t easily available during the SARS pandemic, and had several drawbacks, but now their technology has improved and they are now easy to purchase and install.

One also needs to verify the validations of the claims made by the various ionizers available in the market. Most importantly, do they have the certifications from the authorized, registered, or accredited labs at the national level and they have no side effects?

Why is it important to have an air ionizer in the house?

Firstly, air ionizers protect your family from being infected by airborne contagious diseases like covid-19, so it can be of great help during this pandemic, especially if you have an infected person at home, or someone with weak immunity. But apart from that, it also completely purifies the air inside our homes. With every lockdown, the government tells us to stay at home, but that is actually more dangerous because indoor air pollution is 15% more dangerous than outdoor pollution. This is because of the many sources of air pollution in our homes, like ACs, Heaters, Odour from cooking, smoke from agarbattis, Pesticides for plants, air fresheners, Insect killing sprays, and moisture in the air, as well as harmful emissions from the floor, walls, furniture and carpets of our homes, not to mention outdoor pollution coming through the window.

Also, outside, the air is polluted but is carried away by the airflow. However, indoors we are surrounded by walls, so the airflow is restricted, meaning we are more or less breathing the same polluted air. The fans in our homes circulate this same polluted air throughout the house. While windows increase the airflow, they let in more outdoor pollution and odor. The only way to breathe clean air inside our homes is to completely purify the air in our homes. That’s where air ionizers come in.

While regular air purifiers just filter the air, Ionizers eliminate all impurities from the air, thus giving you the cleanest air. 

My personal experience with an air ionizer

As you are all aware, I will never recommend a product or service, unless I have used them and tested them for their claims. I have purchased the Burge Ion Dome. It works without a filter, so the hassle of cleaning and changing them is completely avoided. I installed it in my office, so it doesn’t disturb me while working. The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has also approved and certified it, giving full quality assurance.

For me, there are 3 basic parameters for decision-making viz. quality, cost, and delivery. Only once I am convinced of the above three, will I buy any product or avail any service and on its satisfactory performance, will I recommend it to others.

I have been using the Burge ion Dome for over a month now at my home and one at my parents-in-law’s home who are senior citizens and have a regular inflow of people. I am convinced that this air purifier and virus neutralizer certainly deliver what it promises and yes, I will now recommend more and more people buy one for themselves for their homes and offices.

#BreathePureStayHealthy: Here is a short video of the product explaining how it works and why it is effective against COVID and its variants.

Features of the Burge ion Dome

  • Air ionizer with a unique air-purification technology that neutralizes COVID virus and its variants in addition to bacteria, fungus, molds, and smoke, etc.
  • Approved and tested by ICMR recognized and ILAC accredited lab
  • Works effectively in closed spaces (150 sq ft)
  • Ozone free Filter-less device
  • Portable plug-n-play device
  • Very safe and chemical-free
    with no side-effects
  • Doubles up as an air-purifier & air-freshener
  • Made-in-India

Have you tried any air-ionizers, share your experiences, and ask questions on the same?

Penned by:

Mayura Amarkant

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