#SansiSays: What to do when you are sad and lonely

Hola! I am back!

Where did I go?

Well, I went to Sakoli to meet my Sadu Nana, Sapan Mama, Anshu Mami, Monu Maasi, Praveen Masa, Prashant Mama and Golu Mama. It was my first time there and boy; I had a blast! I played with my cousin Shourya and our Husky, Walker. I made lots of friends, Mrunmayee, Ishu, Gunjan and so many others. Mumma told me, I had only one work in Sakoli – to play, Play and PLAY!

We had dinner in the Navegaon-Nagzira Jungle! It was FUN!!

My brother, Abhu and my dad were in Mumbai and missed me a lot. I didn’t get time to miss my friends and family in Mumbai because I was so busy playing. I used to think about them – and video called often. However, I wasn’t sad or lonely.

My brother often shares how ‘peer pressure’ makes many teenager and adults very sad and lonely. I feel teens and adults make things more complicated than what they really are. I have some simple tips that I am sharing here. Try to follow them with an open mind and see the magic unfold.

Even at home, I don’t really get sad and lonely because I have a great big brother and my parents who are always there for me.

Sanskriti Amarkant

However, if you are sad, then here is what you can do:

Do Something That Makes You Happy

Spending time with my mother or giving her a million hugs a day or playing with my brother makes me happy. Talking to my dad and sleeping on his chest makes me very peaceful.

Try to Make Friends and talk with them a lot

Get to know them. Talk to them, learn more about their life. I listen to my friends but I also say what I want to say. I have lots of fun with them, sometimes do what they want and at other times, I make them play what I want.

Chat with A Family Member

I have a loving family, and therefore I am not sad and lonely. If you don’t have a loving family then find loving friends.

Before I take your leave, let me ask you, have you read my previous posts? If you are having sleeping problems or feel bored often, then read the tips in my posts. I hope it will help you.

Let me know if my tips help you.

Stay happy and stay awesome!

Penned by:

Sanskriti Amarkant

(With technical help from Mayura Amarkant)

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  1. Glad to know you had a wonderful trip to Sakoli. Your tips for not feeling sad or lonely are very helpful, sometimes as we grow up we forget to cherish the simple things in life, you just reminded how simple is beautiful.


  2. Haha! so cute and innocent confession by Sanskriti that, ” I didn’t get time to miss my friends and family in Mumbai because I was so busy playing.” You are so right smart girl sometime we adults make the things more complicated in thoughts than, what they are in real.


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