#SansiSays – What to do when you can’t sleep?

Hi Everyone,

Thank you to all those who read and liked my previous post: What to do when you are bored? Many of you found it useful, and it made me feel good that I was able to help. Keep the love coming in. When I read your comments, I feel very shy on the outside, but deep inside, my soul is dancing.

The other day, I went to check out my brother’s new college along with my parents and Abhu. Because of COVID-19, they allowed only two people inside. So, naturally, Papa and Abhu went inside. Mumma and I were left on the footpath. Here is what I did to beat the boredom:

We admired the nature, took a walk. I took over the camera and clicked lots of selfies. Later, I took a flower and decorated my Mumma’s hands with the petals. Luckily, she had Fevicol with her. We also made the Fevicol dry on our hands and peeled it off imagining we are snakes!

Sanskrit Amarkant
Photo edit by Abhimanyu Jain (Abhu)

What to do when you can’t sleep?

When I was in Junior KG, till my Senior KG, I had little insomnia (yes; I know this BIG word – I read a lot – remember?). So, as I was telling you, I had a little insomnia, and I used to stay awake till 3:00 AM.

I used to play on the phone or with my toys all the time. And even when I got on the bed, I used to keep tossing and turning – it would irritate my family who was snoozing away!

I started sleeping on time once I got into the first grade. Yes, suddenly the New Year changed my life!

For some reason, when there was a pandemic outside, I could sleep peacefully.

Sanskriti Amarkant

I guess it was when my mother introduced me to Michael Sealey’s videos. Most of you may not know who he is. But let me tell you, his videos changed my life. She doesn’t remember how she found them but to this day, my brother, my dad, mom and I listen to his sleep hypnosis videos. All you need to do is switch on his videos and close your eyes. Within 5 minutes, you will get the best sleep ever!

You can try: Dissolve Stress, Deep Sleep hypnosis, Falling Asleep Fast, Primal Sleep, Morning Meditation, Meditation Calm, Finding your Life’s Purpose or Deep Healing. There are many more and all are very good and will help you sleep peacefully.

Here are some more tips to help you sleep better:

  • Start a sleep routine, my Mumma makes me pick up my toys, brush my teeth, take a wash and change my clothes. I am a big girl now, so I do it all by myself.
  • Stay away from video games and screens. It’s the most difficult thing for me but then my parents can be pretty firm!
  • Try and read a book that will help you sleep. A super boring book usually helps me.
  • Share with your family member that you can’t sleep. A pep talk with them helps me sometimes.
  • Ask your family member to tell you a story. This is the best solution for me. My brother, Abhu usually tells me stories. He has even simplified A Song Of Ice and Fire for me!
  • Call your parents or your friends and talk to them. My parents enjoy this and so do I.
  • If nothing else works, then listen to sleep hypnosis videos (try Michael Sealy he is good)

I really hope my tips help you sleep better. Please try my tips and let me know if they helped you.

Penned by:

Sanskriti Amarkant

(with technical help from Mayura Amarkant)

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  1. Sleep is something that I’m trying to take charge of, Mayuri! I had a terrible sleep schedule, and I’m slowly getting it in order. A lot can be still improved. Thank you so much for sharing Sanskriti’s post and introducing us to Michael Sealy. Will be implementing the tips here. #MyFriendAlexa #TinasPicks


  2. Hey Mayura, I am liking the way you have introduced Sanskriti to this wonderful world of writing!. Kudos to you. She is doing great. Give her my best regards. I am eager to see her own blog soon.


  3. It was so much fun to read this, Sanskriti. Super boring books for me used to be my school books back then. I would instantly sleep. Also, I am a huge fan of Michael Sealey. His podcasts are super.


  4. I really enjoyed reading your tips. You should keep the phone away a few hours before you sleep. It calms down your mind. You are a very good writer, Beta. God bless you.


  5. Some nights are tough, if I am working late night then I can’t fall asleep easily. Either I read or meditate or start planning for the next day in my mind, this helps, sometimes.


  6. Such mature thoughts from someone so young! I guess readers are just wired differently. I enjoyed this post and I’m glad you’re sleeping better now. Will check out those sleep hypnosis videos myself.


  7. You know when I have trouble sleeping I just imagine I’m mumma and scold myself – Suchita go to sleep. It works most of the times 😸 also since you’re a reader – high 5


  8. Excellent post. The title caught my attention. I am also nowadays listening to theta waves sounds on you tube to help me fall asleep. I will check out your recommended videos as well. This is a fantastic post from a young kid. Keep it up, but you have Mayura’s genes so of course, why am I not surprised !


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