What to do when you are bored? #SansiSays

Hi… I am Sanskriti Amarkant Jain also known as Sansi. I am 7 years old and daughter of Mayura Amarkant, the Managing Editor of DiaryOfAnInsaneWriter.com. I am going to tell you what you can do if you are bored.

About 2 years ago, suddenly, India was under a complete lockdown. Before that, I used to swim for atleast 2-3 hours every day, play with my friends and practice gymnastics. (I can do a 100 cartwheels at a go!) I loved going to school, my friends and I used to share so many secrets together.

Because of COVID-19, we were all locked in our houses. I couldn’t even play with my best friends from the building.

How did I spend time during lockdown?

During the lockdown, I just talked with my family a lot. I played with my elder brother, mostly. I also remember having long chats with my mother sometimes on the bed, at the window or in the hall. My entire family used to get up and watch the sunrise together. Sometimes we used to watch the sunset as well. Sometimes Abhu (my elder brother) had coffee, my parents would have chai and I would sip hot chocolate.

We used to give each other facials, manicures and pedicures. My Mumma used to put a paste on us called ‘egg-cream’ it was nothing but a mixture of besan, malai and haldi. I named it egg cream because it looked like an egg mixture. We also did lots of cooking. I helped my parents and brother to cook and clean the house.

I had a blast during the lockdown because there was so much to do. Mumma and Papa had more time for us (even though they were still working). We got to do so many things as a family.

I won’t lie to you, I used to miss my school friends and club friends. I missed my daily routine but then I found ways to keep me entertained.

Sanskriti Amarkant

What to do when bored if you are a kid or adult?

Now that lockdown is almost over, you may still be bored. Try to do something fun that you like to do. Here are some things you can do when you are bored:

Meeting your friends:

I meet my friends in the building every day. Sometimes I am bored to meet them but then my Mumma pushes me out of the house, like literally! I started attending online school regularly only so that I can see my school friends. We sometimes chat in the zoom chat box and have lots of fun! Meeting my friends makes me thrilled.

Play a game with your friends:

I don’t play online games with strangers because it’s dangerous and I could get scammed (Mumma said). However, I do I play online games with my friends and my brother’s friends. In the building, I play stop and party, hide and seek, lock and key, red poison, land and water and many other games. If you are an adult, you can go cycling with your friends or meet and play some board games.

Talking with a family member:

Talking to my brother, mother and father makes me feel less bored. Sometimes we just talk about anything like music, books, my game score and other stuff. I talk and play mostly with my brother. If you have a sibling, it’s great, if not then you can talk with your friends or family members.

Play a game with a family member:

Having an elder or younger brother or sister helps because when Mumma and Papa are busy working and friends are at school, there is someone to play with. If you are a grownup, then you can play any sport or board game with your family member.

Sit at the window and lookout

I learned this from my mother. She used to sit with me at the window and talk about the trees, buildings, sky and people. Now, whenever I get bored, I ask her to make my favourite hot chocolate and I sit at the window. Its very soothing.

Draw, colour, paint

Colours make me very happy, and I love to draw and paint. You should try it if you are bored.

Create something using clay

My mumma makes Ganpati using clay every year. After the visarjan, I use the clay to make things. I have made characters from Among Us and another man sitting on a bench. I paint them after that and gift them to my family.

I recently revived my brother’s YouTube channel and renamed it to Sansi Swag. I upload my gaming videos there. Check it here and subscribe if you like.

Sanskriti Amarkant

Read an interesting book

I am currently reading Geronimo Stilton and I love his antics and stories. You can pick up a book you like and read it. Books keep you entertained.

Go for a walk

I go for walks with my brother or my parents. The fresh air does good to my mood and I don’t feel bored any more.

Watch a movie/series

I like watching movies or a series alone or with my family. You should try it too. I don’t like violence – it upsets me. So, my family allows me to choose a happy film and we watch it together.

Listen to music

Did you know that music in game apps can actually be soothing? I sometimes keep a game on just so that the music fills the room. I sometimes dance too. You can listen to any music you like.

Create something using anything

When my mother orders things from Amazon, I paint the boxes and make something out of them like a dollhouse or a box to keep things in. I also paint glass bottles and just anything I can lay my hands on. I also found an animation app and started creating 2D animation without any help. I also create my own music and give it to characters in a game.

I hope these things help you and you don’t feel bored any more. Let me know if you tried any of the tips above. It would make me happy to read your views.

Penned by:

Sanskriti Amarkant

(with technical help from Mayura Amarkant)

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  1. Sanskriti, you are such an amazing child. I loved all your ideas to keep the boredom away. My son is 5.8 and he too loves creating whenever he’s bored.


  2. You go girl! I am not surprised from your amazing writing skill Sanskriti. I know it is in your genes. your mom. You have perfectly shared the pointers to keep the boredom at bay, we have followed almost every activity during lockdown.


  3. Omg!!! You are adorable. Love your writing style. Keep writing and thanks for sharing your lockdown experience and very well written suggestions


  4. Way to go Sanskriti! you have so many tips and tricks that even we adults can use to keep the boredom at play….shall I tell you one secret? My favorite way to kill boredom is to look out of the window and make up stories…it is the best way to pass time!!


  5. Impressively written and really good points for both children and adults. Will be sharing with my son too… We are still skeptical in today’s world and hoping the vaccination would come out soon for kids too..


  6. You are so a creative and awesome Sanskriti. I love gazing out of the window, I feel a whole world is just moving and I am still watching it, whenever we meet will surely do this together.


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