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The Power–A gift from God

One of the usual mornings it was,
I woke up and headed for the mirror,
Golden words flashed on it,
And I gaped at them in horror.

Slowly they became clear,
Bleary-eyed, I tried to decipher them.
‘Today is your day my child,
Be yourself and rise above all men’.

I realized it was a message,
From God Almighty,
I knew I was the chosen one,
And I thanked him silently.

So I set out that day,
With a goal in my mind,
To change the world and,
Turn everything I could find.

I thought I owned the power,
It would allow me to change systems,
I made a long list of alterations,
I was now questioning everyone’s wisdom.

I felt that this power would,
Help me command the gales,
But alas! I was wrong,
I couldn’t control the sails.

All I was is a putty in God’s hands,
Banning the customs I couldn’t do,
I could use the power only through him,
The power was fictional and not true.

It wasn’t a privilege that,
Could be used when I wanted,
Realizing I had sinned gravely,
I truly repented.

Realization dawned on me,
I understood what he meant,
I now knew what God wanted,
By gifting me the power he had sent.

I was to be a messenger of peace,
A healer he has not made me,
Spreading love and joy was my destiny,
A meddler I wasn’t to be.

The Lord had given me a power,
To listen and understand,
To help people solve problems,
To be a friend and helping hand.

So, I set out in the imperfect world,
With a new goal in my mind,
To fill someone’s life with happiness,
To be a friend… one of the best kind!

Penned by:

Mayura Amarkant

This poem won the Spoken Word Contest by BlogChatter in July 2021.

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  1. Reading this was such a treat, Mayura. The start was awesome and you had my attention. The end was so wise and left me with a new realisation. You are a wonderful, keep spreading the love !


  2. So true “All I was is a putty in God’s hands,
    Banning the customs I couldn’t do,
    I could use the power only through him,
    The power was fictional and not true.”

    Beautifully expressed thoughts. Congratulation for winning spoken words contest. Well deserved.


  3. First of all, would want to congratulate you on the spoken word contest Mayura,
    Your poem brings a sense of positivity and bliss the thought of believing in the Almighty just love the way you chose words.


  4. Such a wonderful weave of words Mayura, No wonder it won the spoken word challenge.
    To be a friend and a helping hand, what else one wants if you have one confidante.
    Being always there for someone who is seeking such friendship is a lovely thought.


  5. Mayura, loved the poem and the wonderful message it conveys. I think every morning we should get up with the feeling of being the messenger of God and bring some change that is within our means.


  6. Stunning piece of art. Your poetry always comes up with a message and feels like a rhythmic story. Understanding God’s wish and making this world a beautiful place to live should be everyone’s goal.


  7. Loved to read the transition the mind went through in the poem. Your poem speaks and beautifully depicts at deeper levels in terms of a thinking process that every person on earth goes through from birth to youth when they feel they can control the world… Till they realise they are just another messenger of God.


  8. Beautifully penned. Rightly said – Filling happiness in the lives of people and being a friend will go a long way in brightening the world .


  9. The power of self realization makes several blurry things crystal clear. It do make us juggle initially, later it also makes our belief firm in the power of Almighty whom we know we can’t see but we experience it every then and now. Beautifully penned!


  10. To be able to listen to and understand others is surely a super power especially in these times when everyone is caught up in some mad race. We are just chasing things without even realising what are we actually looking for. Communication is the key and that is why humans are blessed with language. Thank you so much for choosing a part of the #UMeUBlogHop. Means a lot.


  11. A string poem to understand the bigger purpose of life… display of power doesn’t make one powerful… but it’s humility, compassion and generosity that defines it… well written


  12. “It is nice to be important, but it is more important to be nice.”

    I loved the message behind your poem. We are all blessed enough to be a trusted confidante, a friend, a guide to someone or other out there.
    But we often focus on wanting to change the world instead of understanding it.
    Empathy is an art that we often underestimate.


  13. Positive poem filled with hope & goodness, Mayura.
    And that is how she became the chosen one to spread peace & make our world a better place.
    We need more such determined souls & all will be well.


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