Heal yourself with the power of God says Healer, Retam Kothari

If you are looking for solace and healing in your life, then this post is for you. Through this exclusive interview with healer Retam Kothari, you will understand how to use God’s healing power in your life.

There is a lot of sadness and disturbance in the world today. One is constantly looking at ways and means to bring peace and happiness to oneself and one’s family.

DiaryOfAnInsaneWriter brings to you an exclusive interview with healer & counsellor, Retam Kothari.

37-year-old Retam is a multi-faceted individual who has invested her life in healing those around her. Her staunch belief in the healing power of God has made her a go-to for all her friends and near ones. Retam has committed her life to healing and helping others and through this blog post, she urges people to reach out to her in case they need her help or counseling.

Read on to find out some simple solutions given by healer and counsellor, Retam Kothari.

What are the common problems faced by humankind today?

Retam (takes a deep breath and lets out a concerned sigh): Lack of good health & higher levels of sickness, less faith and trust in God and people. These days people are selfish and they live and think for themselves. These days people are flooded with negative thoughts and they give up easily. Patience levels are falling, stress levels are rising. Loyalty is a rare quality among people today and cheating in all forms with friends, business partners and spouses is common. People are just not happy with what they have and this dissatisfaction leads to conflict within and around. Human desires are increasing day by day and so is the competitive spirit. Lack of communication between people spirals common problems to another level. Overall, we are living in an era of less faith and more fear.

Every person has a different faith and religion – how does God’s healing power pervade across these? What does God mean to you?

Retam (smiles and leans forward): I believe that there is only one God – and all humankind believes in are the various manifestation of the same God. He is unfathomable and unknown to a vast majority of humanity. He is everywhere; he is formless and indivisible. He sees without eyes and hears without ears. There is a mysterious power that pervades everything, it is impossible to define this power through words. I can feel it, though I cannot see it. It is this unseen power that makes itself felt and yet defies all proof, because it is so unlike all that I perceive through my senses.

Faith healing is the practice of prayer and gesture. God is not some person outside ourselves or away from the universe. He stays inside our hearts and is always near us.

Healer & Counsellor, Retam Kothari

Many ask: ‘How can I release God’s healing power in my life?’

Retam (takes a pause, purses her lips before starting): Well, there is no single solution to this question. However, there are a few things that one can do in order to release the healing power of God in their life.

  • Receive and share words of knowledge, kindness, positivity with everyone around
  • Heal your heart with prayer – pray with conviction and belief – ask God to release his healing power in your life
  • In every interaction with people, give out positive vibes, be a compassionate listener to others
  • Take a moment to appreciate the good in others
  • Even though someone is mean to you, you don’t stop being good. Your positive power, blessed by God will surely change them.
  • Believe that God lives within every person – no person is good or bad, it’s the time and situations that determine their behaviour and actions
  • Believe that every human being is a child of God
  • Step out, take risks with people and watch God perform miracles in your life
  • Know that every human being has an exam to give and its God who conducts it and he is the best judge. Don’t take on God’s role and judge people – trust that God has a plan
  • Face every problem with courage and never give up in life – believe in God’s power and watch your problems dissolve into thin air
  • You need to work on passing the exams that God puts out for you – patiently trust his process – he will never disappoint you
  • If God doesn’t answer your prayers, know that he has better plans for you

Many often ask, what are the 10 ways in which I can receive God’s healing power?

Retam (her eyes shine and she gives out her signature sweet smile): First, BELIEVE that GOD IS OUR HEALER! After this, you can also follow these ways:

  • Always express your gratitude to God and everyone around who deserves it. You can keep a gratitude diary or include gratitude in your prayer. Thank people personally whenever you can.
  • Keep a sharp focus on your purpose and your dreams
  • Build your faith in God and trust in him – he will take care of you – always
  • God is your first parent. Set aside time to speak to God every day. At night imagine yourself sleeping in the lap of God and the shower of love and blanket of security will give you the most healthful sleep-ever.
  • Believe that if you have God on your side, you are the richest person in the world. He will solve before all your problems even before you tell him.
  • Know that your soul is connected with God’s soul – you have to be pure as an angel – like a newborn child in your innocence and hurt no one’s feelings.
  • Meditate and remain one with God always
  • Confess your sins and be truly sorry. The prayer of a righteous person is always powerful and effective
  • Pray for yourself, your near ones and your enemies – spread positivity through prayer
  • Be kind to animals and all the souls on the planet.
  • Lay your hand on people by taking God’s permission and heal them with your positive vibes. Make them feel good and comfortable, watch God’s healing power flow through you.
  • Use the power of God’s kind words, chant them religiously. Keep God’s word and teachings close to your heart.
  • Practice radical faith. Faith is never passive but is part of active thinking and living. Build your faith slowly, each day. Be willing to have faith and expect great healing to happen in your life. Practice positive attitude towards the worst situations and people.
  • Pray regularly and ask God for all the healing you want. Nothing can change without God’s will. He knows what is best for us and sometimes that could mean him denying healing to you. This doesn’t mean that we give up on healing, keep praying patiently and wait for God’s perfect timing. Trust in God’s timing and process.

What are the secrets to healing ourselves with God’s presence in our lives?

Retam (takes a sip of water and continues): Talk to God. Pray and connect with him. Believe that God is your parent and talk to him the same way a child would speak to parents.

  • When you are saying your prayer, close your eyes and picture him right next to you, listening sincerely to everything you are saying.
  • Obey God and when you obey him, you will become brighter and stronger in spirit, integrity and mind. Obey his command and watch miracles unfold.
  • Be kind and honest towards others.
  • Study the scriptures – they are meaningful and beneficial study material when you want to strengthen your faith and relationship with God.
  • Remember, it’s a two-way communication with God. Keep your ears open for God’s commands. Take out time to stop, look and listen for God’s answers to your prayers. Make sure you listen to him as much as you speak with him.
  • Show gratitude for all your blessings being gracious goes hand in hand with expressing humility
  • Be mindful of God’s presence in your life. Though it may seem that he is far away at times, he is not. God never leaves your side.

Can the sick be healed with God’s power? Give us a few examples from your own experience.

Retam (thinks and smiles): I knew you would ask me this question! I have seen many people who have been tied down by evil spirits but because of the healing power of God; it cast the evil spirits out of their body.

Many people who I have counseled and healed come to me depressed and mute about their sorrows. While talking to them, I can actually see thier free spirit unfold through the healing power of God. They leave feeling good about themselves and are ready to take on the world with God beside them.

The incident that is closest to my heart is that of my mother. She god a paralysis attack, she was taken to the hospital and cared for by the doctors. But I believe it is God’s healing power and the prayers of my family that really got answered. She was out of danger in a brief period.

Another incident that I experienced personally where we were all coming back from Mahabaleshwar and the rod on our car tyres was broken and there were no chances of our survival or safety. The car stopped at the edge of the cliff; we saw two children smiling at us in the valley – to us they were a form of God. You won’t believe it but we were saved in no time. When we looked around, the two children had disappeared! I believe it is their power that saved us and healed us from the danger. I clearly remember what I was feeling on that cliff – I was completely broken and felt that I had lost everything in life. But God clasped my hand, and it is his power that lives in my heart even today.

Let’s talk about you, how did you choose to become a faith healer and spiritual guide?

Retam (takes a deep breath, smiles and continues): I believe I am a blessed child of God. He has given me loads of power and I feel his presence in my life. I feel every bit of him within me. I have a very good 6th sense and can often see things in front of me, much before they happen. Sometimes I can see the whole scenario of what is going to happen next, but I was unable to tell people in the past. Now I warn them.

I can see God, I talk to God, cry in front of him and fight with him too. Whenever I feel low, I ask God many questions and believe me; he gives me all the answers. Whenever I pray for others, their work gets done. God listens to me.

Sometimes if someone asks me, ‘Retam yeh ho jaayega na?’ and If I give an instant answer YES or NO, my intuition helps me out in this and seriously the work is done if I have said YES. I can feel many people. I can feel thier pain too, if someone is in pain, I reach out to them and talk to them.

During my childhood, I used to visit the church in the school. Whatever I would talk to Jesus Christ, my life would work according to that conversation. Many forms of God give blessing, they come in my dreams, give me blessings and go.

I feel the heart of God. I feel that my relationship with God is like a father-daughter or mother-daughter relationship. At night, I pour my heart to them; I sleep on God’s lap, feel their loving hand on me. I humbly offer gratitude and sleep.

When I wake up in the morning, first I see the face of God and later I turn to everybody. This gives me tremendous strength.

God is nowhere, he is your mind, your eyes, your talks, your heart and in every organ of your body. You have to just feel it and use it to your benefit to bring peace and happiness in your life.

For healing and counseling, you can reach out to Retam on her Instagram id. @kothariretam

As told to:

Mayura Amarkant

About Retam Kothari: This talented mother of a wonderful boy is also a fashion & jewelry designer, style consultant, hair/make-up/mehendi artist. She loves her family and considers herself to be a mother, wife, daughter, daughter-in-law, sister first – before anything else. She also dabbles into palmistry, teaching, drawing, painting, rangoli and even cricket. She simply loves learning and exploring herself. She says that it is the presence of God in her life that has allowed her to heal and counsel people in need.

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