Power cut in Mumbai | Hilarious reactions on Twitter | #powercut #MondayMorning

On Monday, October 12, 2020, Mumbai experienced a power-cut. They shut the entire city’s power. While news channels and other self-imposed WhatsApp warriors are investigating the matter, we saw Twitter explode with some hilarious memes. Take a look!

Great opportunity for the Twitterati to explore their creative side. Here are some hilarious tweets and reactions from Twitter:

Trust the Mumbaikars to take everything in their stride! While we await the power to resume, Twitterati are having a field day!

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Mayura Amarkant

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  1. Ha! ha! That’s absolutely hilarious.
    I couldn’t stop reading your post over and over again.
    Just loved the way you picked up such a mundane subject as powercut and made it such an interesting read.

  2. Hahaha Tweeter and the trends but seriously I felt this too and it was really bad to get the vibes in this weather. I mean covid , flood and now power cut in Mumbai…… urggghh

  3. Nice to see these tongue in cheek takes on the power cut. It is always nice to see the lighter side even when you are engulfed in darkness!

  4. Ha ha ha! These are some hilarious tweets. That’s the reason I love spending time on twitter.

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