ITC Hotels and WelcomHotel present Ollie’s Virtual Summer Camp

Joyful, Interactive learning & fun for young adults

The world’s largest LEED platinum certified chain, ITC Hotels along with Welcomhotel announced a special surprise for kids this summer, the ‘Ollie’s Summer Camp’. Kids are spending their days at home attending virtual classes for most part of their day with no respite. Dedicated to the young adults of our world, Ollie’s Summer Camp is a club for kids that has been designed with interactive activities and lessons for the budding minds. Ollie’s Club at ITC Hotels and Ollie’s Corner at Welcomhotel respectively, are named after the Oliver Ridley turtle, one of ocean’s abundant tiny treasures, that are found visiting Morjim, Galgibag and Agonda Beach in Goa along with Gahirmata Beach in Odisha in the months of January and February.

ITC hotels and welcomhotel present ollies virtual summer camp

In keeping with ITC Hotels ethos of supporting planet positive experiences, the Ollie’s Club is a tribute to the strength and resilience of this wonderful species. The Ollie’s Summer Camp is dedicated to the spirit of fun, discovery and inclusivity.

Watch this informative video to know more.

Ollie’s Summer Camp brings structured activities for our young guests that are aimed at sparking their inherent curiosity. Through a kaleidoscope of varied topics and easy to follow instructions, we aim to satiate their inquisitive minds with responsible experiences that enrich their lives. These sessions unwrap a bundle of experiences and exciting activities for kids to practice and parents to gainfully engage in. The wide array of activities ranges from interactive yoga classes and no heat cooking to painting and home gardening tips from our in-house subject experts.

ITC hotels and welcomhotel present ollies virtual summer camp

Beginning today, August 19, 2020, the virtual camp will dive into one engaging week of interactive activities for the budding minds of our world which will help them develop skills and hobbies such as painting, cooking, gardening among others. Each of the day’s activities will feature two interesting topics which can be viewed through short videos on ITC Hotels’ and Welcomhotels’ social media handles. These will enable kids to learn new skills that they can practice and enjoy with their families from the safety of their homes.

ITC hotels and welcomhotel present ollies virtual summer camp

The Ollie’s Club is already a favourite with kids. ITC Grand Goa, ITC Grand Bharat (Gurgaon), ITC Rajputana (Jaipur) and ITC Mughal (Agra) are some popular destinations that draw the Ollie fans. Parents are assured of the safety and hygiene of their children through the ‘WeAssure’ programme designed in collaboration with medical professionals and disinfection experts brings enhanced levels of hygiene & safety. The initiative reassures our guests of visibly stringent cleanliness and disinfection processes, offering unparalleled comfort with peace of mind. With this promise, Ollie’s Club and Ollie’s Corner at these hotels will soon reopen its doors to kids. Meanwhile, the Ollie’s Virtual Summer Camp looks forward to meeting its young friends soon.

You can view the interesting activities on the social media handles of ITC Hotels and Welcomhotels. There is no pre-registration required to take part in the Ollie’s Virtual Summer Camp.

ITC hotels and welcomhotel present ollies virtual summer camp

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Mayura Amarkant


  1. The Ollie’s Summer Camp is truly dedicated to the spirit of fun, discovery and inclusivity, as you have rightly mentioned. and why only kids, even the elders can have some fun and rejuvenate. A great initiative by ITC as always.

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  2. Wow a virtual experience of a summer camp by such a great chain if hotels.This is such a great way to keep the kids engaged with all the dullness if not being able to step up, surrounds them!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. ITC hotels are the Best..! I love their hospitality, food and other social activities which they keep on doing as a part of the social responsibility.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow.. This must be a great experience for kids… A much required intelude. Ollie’s club would definitely help kids discover their spark in activities like cooking and gardening. All the best👍

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Wow loved this virtual summer camp hosted by ITC hotel team. I feel like these kind of activities are must for kids during lockdown days. With restricted outdoor options, all parents want virtual activities option to keep their kids creatively engaged.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. This looks super interesting for the kids who are bored of sitting at home with not much of great activities .. Love it ITC hotel team 🤩👏🏻

    Liked by 1 person

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