ZEE5 Club Pack – Best Value for Money at INR 0.20p per day, per screen

During the lockdown, I fell in love with ZEE5 because of the exceptional family entertainment that it offers. Throughout the lockdown this amazing OTT platform has kept my family, and me engaged through Thriller shows, Romance movies and gripping web series like Churails. My teenager also downloaded ZEE5’s HiPi app and started creating some amazing content there.

I have been hearing and reading a lot about ALT Balaji but never got down to downloading and watching the content. Because we are all hooked to ZEE5 all the time for our daily dose of entertainment. I recently started ZEE5 ZINDAGI’s Churails and am hooked on to it.

Recently, I read about the ZEE5 Club Pack and danced a little jig! Let me tell you why:

Zee 5 best entertainment value for money club pack
Image Source: ZEE TV

ZEE5 Club Pack – Best Value for Money

1000+ Movies, Select ZEE5 Originals, Select Alt Balaji Content

Before TV, Catch-up TV, LIVE TV, Kids entertainment  & more!!

ZEE5 Club pack is affordable & multiple users are possible

The cost for a 1-year ZEE5 club pack is just INR 365 and they allow 5 screens in this cost. That comes to 1 rupee per day. And, if you are a stickler for mathematics, then you will know that it comes to be 0.20 paise per screen.

Watch TV shows before telecast

For a daily-soap fan, the first-watchers advantage is like winning a bumper prize. Daily-soap fans are a community that loves discussing the shows on their special WhatsApp/Facebook groups or with their friends in personal chats. Watching a TV show before-hand will lend an upper hand to fans.

Zee5 club features

Watch Select ALT Balaji Shows

The world is moving towards collaboration and not competition. The entire game revolves around how to dish out the best content to the viewer. The ZEE5 Club Pack allows the viewers to watch select ALT Balaji Shows on my favourite OTT platform. I need not download a separate app for this. The advantage of two for the price of one is irreplaceable!

Zindagi TV Shows

Earlier, I recently discovered Zindagi TV shows on ZEE5. The content is exceptional, and one can’t help but binge-watch it. I have finished watching Aunn Zara, Baaghi, Baba Jani, Badi Aapa, Bunty I Love You, Dil Mohalay Ki Haweli, Diyar-E-Dil, Durr E Shehwar (Dhoop Chaaon), Ek Kasak Reh Gayi, Ishq Gumshuda And many more. Edge-of-the-seat entertainment through a medley of global writers, actors and directors is the perfect answer at the end of a tiring day.

Multiple options available

ZEE5 Originals, Select Movies, Zindagi Originals, Alt Balaji shows, kids’ shows and LIVE TV – gosh! That’s a lot of options for a soul who is always hungry for entertainment. The Hindi entertainment is to die-for! I have finished watching Baarish, Gandii Baat, Ragini MMS Returns, XXX Uncensored, Kehne Ko Humsafar Hai, Bhalla Calling Bhalla, Who’s Your Daddy, It Happened In Calcutta, Hum Tum Aur Them, Broken But Beautiful, Virgin Bhasskar, Fittrat, Fixerr, Jamai 2.0 and Ishq Aaj Kal among others. As a fan of Marathi & Gujarati films, I am so happy that the platform offers a large variety of regional films.

ZEE5 Club Pack – Best Value for Money at INR 0.20p per day, per screen

Well, these are my 5 Reasons: Why ZEE5 Club Pack Is The Best Value Plan For You If You Love Family Entertainment. Let me know yours in the comment section below.

Penned by:

Mayura Amarkant


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  1. Wow it’s very good that ZEE5 Club Pack provides wide range of content in English, Hindi and other Regional Languages and we can watch favourite TV shows before they are aired on TV. like that pack is affordable

  2. I have already subscribed to zee5 and it’s really nice I enjoy my Nights watching all this kind of series and they are really good they are really motivating inspiring

  3. they have pretty good channels and I think this club pack is a good deal for everyone who likes to watch entertainment and movies. The “Before TV” thing is very interesting and exclusive.

  4. woohoo! The price is absolutely insane for the kind of entertainment we would get all round the year. I am going to recommending my friends and family too, for getting the club pack, thanks for sharing

  5. I tried subscribing twice but not able to get through. Let me check this club thing too. I really want to watch a few shows on ZEE5. Patiently waiting.

  6. We’re enjoying our ZEE5 Club Pack too since it has amazing content and something for everyone in the family. Great value for money and nonstop entertainment.

  7. I have been reading and hearing a lot about Zee5 club pack. Looks very interesting as we can watch shows before even it is aired. The pack is quite reasonable will definitely try it out.

  8. Zee5 is offering great quality of entertainment with such an affordable cast. indeed it is best option for entertainment and I will surly take this subscription, when we have ZEE5 facility available is USA.

  9. I am so happy that Zee5 have so many options to keep us busy with good options to watch , this Club pack looks really great to have

  10. I got to know about the ZEE5 club pack last week only and I upgraded my plan on Sunday. Now, enjoying all my favorite shows and movies in one place. Loving it!

  11. Zee5 seems to have some great shows and movies – and now is better than ever to grab a subscription. The deal seems lucrative as well – I’ll definitely look into this ASAP!

  12. The Club pack by Zee5 is such a cool deal. It is so economical and Zee has such an amazing series and movies that it is definitely a steal. I am definitely thinking of buying the club pack.

  13. I recently subscribed to Zee5 and loved the content present on it. It is different from the regular content which is present on most of the OTT. It is much more fun and entertaining.

  14. Zee being the oldest player in the Cable world of India understands the Indian market and produces shows accordingly. love their shows and this new offer is insanely economical.

  15. Having been watching Zee5 ever since the lockdowns began…and am hooked to their series and short videos!

  16. I am not a great fan of Soap operas and TV shows but yes, I used Zee5 for its great collection of Bollywood movies. In UAE it has a different plan and an extra genre of Arabic movies as well.

  17. ZEE5 has some great range of series selection. They have genre varieties, language varieties, different taste varieties and all seem so good to see. The subscription pack is also reasonable. I’ll surely check it out.

  18. Zee5 has such a wide range of offerings. The good thing is that it caters to so many genres and also languages. The Zee5 club Pack seems to really pack some more interesting features and benefits. The “Before TV” and “Non-Intrusive Ads”, especially seem really unique.

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