Churail: Justice has a new face and that is the Churails | ZEE5 ZINDAGI Original Film |#MainChurailHoon

Recently, I came across the trailer of Churail, ZEE5’s Zindagi Original film. Four women from different walks of life team up to expose their unfaithful husbands. Each of these women have had their own set of struggles and are fighting their inner churails while battling for the truth. The background score in the trailer sets an amazing thriller-like tone to the film.

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The story is a modern-day saga set in Karachi, Pakistan. The language therefore is mostly higher end Hindi or Urdu, lending a very sophisticated touch to the dialect of each character. On the other hand, there is a stark contrast in their behaviour that is almost carnal as they set out on their revenge journey.

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A lawyer, a wedding planner, a boxer, a murderer join hands on a mission to take on the world dominated by men. They start an outfit called Halal Design and invite women who wish to make a fresh start. Though they seem united by the cause of earning money, a twist in the tale tells the audience otherwise. As the story progresses through the trailer, one realises that the tribe is driven by more than just money. They go on a witch hunt on a secret mission, stalking the culprits, finding them and punishing them.

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It’s fun to see women take the lead in pure detective work instead of behaving like silly sidekicks. (Remember Kitty of Karamchand? These women are NOTHING like that 😊). Through a gripping montage of scenes, one sees the women spying, entering homes secretly and even beating up men into a pulp.


All seems to be going fine until someone dies, and someone goes missing. This twist in the plot forces the Churail gang to take matters in their own hands and search for their comrade. There is a lot of conflict and high-strung emotions that follow. They enter an unknown and very dangerous arena where the rich and famous operate their dark initiatives using masks of evil.

The story takes the viewer into the realities of flesh trade and the faces behind it. Their power, money and clout don’t dither the Churails who are on a mission to expose the truth and rescue their team mate from the clutches of evil. They form an army and battle for justice for the sake of all womankind. #MainChurailHoon

I loved the concept of women taking matters into their own hands as women and not as clones of men. The trailer shows how these women wear burkhas instead of capes and go about fighting injustice against their tribe.


Get ready for the Churails, Karachi’s secret detectives whose mission is to expose the city’s unfaithful elite husbands. Churails, premieres 11th August 2020 only on ZEE5.

Truly, justice has a new face, and that is the Churails! I just can’t wait for this film to release!! Super excited!

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Mayura Amarkant


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  1. Just yesterday morning, maa was talking about this serial and I was planning to give it a go and now after reading this I am all the more intrigued to watch it. I enjoy watching dramas with a strong female presence. 🙂

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  2. Wow, such kick-ass female protagonists are hard to come by and with such an interestingly twisted plot too. This has got me intrigued. Will definitely check it out. Liked the title.

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  3. This is one series that is creating a lot of buzz in web content. Zee 5 has seriously up’d its game among other OTT brands with great content. This series too is relevant as ladies take the charge.

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  4. I have this movie on my watch list. The first thing that I liked about the movie is the title Churail. After reading your review I am even more interested in watching this movie. I am sure this would be different and an interesting one.

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  5. I am hearing great reviews of this series everywhere. I will be checking this out on ZEE5 .Dealing with Pakistani cheating husbands in Pakistan can’t be easy!

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  6. Ive watched the trailer of Churails. It’s really impressive that more women centric content is being days with realistic approach. Indeed a must watch

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  7. I am hearing a lot about churali movie all across the web, nowadays. seems like movie has a strong plot of women empowerment. right now, we did not have ZEE5 facility is USA but I will surly watch it, when we had that option. thanks a lot dear for sharing your honest review.

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  8. I haven’t seen the trailer yet, your post tells quite interesting parts of the series.. I’m going to watch it. After all have always liked movies/shows based on strong women or weak women turning strong!! I wish they made more such things 🙂 inspires ppl..

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  9. Such series blows our mind away. This is much awaited web series. I am going to watch this web series for sure. Thanks for the recommendation.

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  10. Churail seems to be an interesting game changers for every woman. I personally believe these kinda series should be very encouraging among women to gather their mental strength and stamina and fight against wrong. I will surely watch it

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  11. Churail seems to have an interesting theme with women integral to the plot, which in itself makes it different from the run of the mill. The setting too sounds interesting, definitely sounds like a good watch.

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