Favourite Instagrammers

DiaryOfAnInsaneWriter’s favourite Instagram Content Creators 2020

Content has always been the king – in case of a visually driven platform like Instagram, this holds more truth than any other social media avenue. One has witnessed Instagram growing by leaps and bounds as a platform. Stories, posts, IGTV and now Reels, Instagram continues to wow the users by pushing content creators to create more and more engaging content.

Earlier, the criteria on Instagram was about followers, likes, views, comments and saves. In the ‘New Normal’, the Instagram game has now shifted to views and profile visits. If an account can beat the 2-second scroll test and remain etched in the user’s mind, then the account owner can be sure that the audience will keep returning for more.

The Instagram game is no longer about followers, it’s purely about content and its appeal to the target audience. 

After a lot of deliberation, DiaryOfAnInsaneWriter is releasing a list of 20 Instagram accounts you must follow in 2020. The game of followers and engagement is now over. These days, almost everyone is online – people therefore don’t want to go through the ordeal of engaging. One is just scrolling through loads of content through the day.  If the content is good, then the user will keep returning to the account. Else, they will just unfollow/unsubscribe or drift away.

The criteria for choosing these have been simple: Did they educate/ entertain/offer hope/bring a smile, especially during the lockdown? Will they continue to do so beyond the lockdown?

These are accounts that one can visit regularly and be sure of a change in mood or a value-add to knowledge. All the creators in this list have understood the pulse of their audiences and thus continue to create and present meaningful content.

Favourite Instagrammers

Here’s a list of DiaryOfAnInsaneWriter’s favourite Instagram accounts for 2020:

Please note: These are not in any specific order. I have jotted them down just the way one makes a list on a paper. Therefore, these don’t refer to any rank of sorts. 

Gaurav Gera

This account is a complete entertainment dhamaka! Throughout the lockdown and even before that, he has been entertaining us with his amazing story-telling style and relatable characters. Aadu and Baarish are all-time favourites but the latest addition, Rachna Aunty is total dhamaal! Whenever one is feeling low, one can tune in to any video on Gaurav’s profile and get the smile back on the face. Through the lockdown, we have cried with Aadu when his parrot was taken away by PETA. Most aunties could relate with the video where no one remembered Rachna Aunty’s birthday. We laughed at Baarish’s jokes and also tried her dishes at home. We loved the Rohit-Baarish jodi and Billi Mausi’s complaints about her husband constantly asking for tea during the lockdown. Lol…total fun!

Vijay Darda

This account displays the human & humble side of an influential thinker and thought-leader, Shri Vijay J. Darda, the head of Lokmat Group. During the lockdown, one saw a never-seen-before side to media baron & politician, Shri Vijay Darda. One saw him paint, engage with his followers on stories, and feature funny photographs of his family’s antics during the lockdown. We love this account because of the way he informs, educates and engages with his audience on current affairs and matters of national importance. He writes weekly columns that are immensely popular among his readers & followers. We love this account because of the unique mix of content he posts. This is a must-follow account if you wish to know more about current affairs and more.

Best Instagrammers 2020


Vivek Choudhary

Thought-provoking and cleverly crafted content is the hall-mark of Vivek Choudhary’s Instagram account. What we love about the account is the subtle story-telling style adopted by Vivek. In very few words, he conveys a message that appeals universally to his audience. You will return to this account just to find out what Vivek has to say about the latest news and happenings. When you have finished browsing through his timeline, you will swipe your way through the highlights where each post is interesting and unique. If you like content that is simplistic but offers deep meaning, then this account is a must follow.

The Vivek Chodhury

The Mermaid Scales aka Krutika

Krutika is a classic example of how migrating from one platform to another won’t make a difference if your content is fantastic. Her short videos were a rage on TikTok and migration to Instagram Reels seems to have benefitted her immensely. She uses her feed for glamourous posts full of attitude, and her reels reflect every teenager’s feelings. On a day you are feeling low, Krutika’s innocent face & cute content will brighten up your day. DiaryOfAnInsaneWriter loves the clever conceptualisation, shooting and packaging of every video. Must follow this account for a daily dose of fun.

The Mermaid Scales - Krutika



Letter Unread

Loss of a person, relationship, job can be traumatic. There are so many things that one needs to express in order that one’s soul gets cleansed from within. Letter Unread is a soulful Instagram handle driven by user-generated content. People from different walks of life share their story of personal loss. When one reads a story shared on Letter Unread, one ends up empathising with the writer. There is something magical that follows, one feels lighter and hopeful after reading the stories since each story offers immense hope. If you are nursing an aching heart. You will love Letter Unread. You can even DM them and share your own story of loss. They started this account during the lockdown and we believe that through the power of organic growth, one day, this account will grow by leaps and bounds.

Best Instagram Accounts 2020

Surabhi – Samriddhi aka Chinki Minki

Anyone watching Chinki-Minki’s dance video for the first time may believe that it’s clever VFX – that’s how similar they are!! Lol! This account is full of sibling banter, dances, jokes and much more. We loved the post with the mother and the narration in the brief description. The most amazing part about this account is that the content is relatable and super fun! The recent Instagram Reels feature has allowed their followers to savour their funny short format content. A must-follow account if you love pure fun and entertainment.

Chinki Minki - Best Instagrammers

Akshar Pathak

An Instagram user above the age of 30 may never stumble upon Akshar Pathak’s account. That’s because he is popular among the younger generation. His content delivery style is a hit among the youth who love and adore him. DiaryOfAnInsaneWriter is a fan because he delivers cleverly crafted content without using abusive language. Akshar’s account is a shining example of how a message can be communicated without hurting sentiments of a select few.  A fabulous account to follow if you are looking for a fresh take on current affairs.

Akshar Pathak

Anahita Irani aka SweetAnnu

Just like the name, SweetAnnu is one of the sweetest accounts on Instagram. You will fall in love with the bindaas attitude of this Bawi. Her zest for life is contagious and will leave you filled with positivity and happiness. Recently, she started a series called SweetAnnu Quotes that have been spreading hope and positivity among her followers. We have followed her recipes during the lockdown, drooled over the foodie posts and remain inspired through the way she advises her followers to stay happy – no matter what. If you are looking for an account that you can relate to and seek positivity from, then this is the space for you.

Anahita Irani - Best Instagrammers

Geeta Hansaria aka GeetasFoodieLife

Every morning during the lockdown, Geeta Hansaria put out a story that featured her chai boiling away. It somehow instilled so much hope and happiness within the hearts of followers. She also ran a unique hashtag campaign #MeriQuarantineThali that made her audience go ballistic. Imagine the positivity she generated when users cooked and then decorating their thalis just to use the hashtag. DiaryOfAnInsaneWriter loved this account because of the tsunami of positivity that it brought among users, especially during the lockdown. If you are looking for yummy thalis, interesting information and anecdotes among food and loads of positive vibes, then this is a must-follow account.



Richa Singh

Richa Singh is the founder of BlogChatter and has been working from home for a while now. During lockdown, she understood that all those working from home usually do it in their pyjamas. Every single day during the lockdown, she posted a picture in a work outfit indirectly telling her followers to follow suit. Also, she did some fabulous videos on Class of 2020 that instilled hope and positivity in the youth of India. DiaryOfAnInsaneWriter loves this accounts because of the fresh content that has a high relatability and elicits a feeling of happiness. Richa also speaks about current affairs and presents her opinions with elan. A must-follow account if you are a blogger/content creator or someone who loves new/fresh content.

Richa Singh Best Insgagrammer 2020

Harpreet Suri aka MomWearsPrada

This is easily one of the most glamourous accounts in the list of Best Instagram accounts 2020. Her account is full of sophistication and an aspiration for every mommy. They conceptualise each post with a lot of care and professionalism. She has been gracious to showcase her team and some fun behind-the-scenes fun during shoots. One will fall in love with her garden, home, children and her outlook towards life. We loved the way she coped with the lockdown by spending time with her children. When the lockdown opened, she showed how life needs to go on with the correct precautions. If you are looking at following a stylish mommy influencer, then this account is a must-follow.

Harpreet Suri - Mom wears prada best Instagrammer

Tushar Toprani aka 1401BakkerStreat 

Here’s an account that consistently puts out drool-worthy food posts. Through the lockdown and beyond, he has entertained us with his interactive Instagram stories and fun posts. His photography skills and simple copy make even the most ordinary posts look extraordinarily amazing! You will love the way he communicates with his audiences. Many times you will feel like his words and pictures are speaking to you, directly! If you love food and everything around it, then Tushar’s Instagram account is a must-follow for you.

Tushar Toprani - my favourite instagrammer 2020

Sneha Paliwal Tiwari aka HighStreetMommy

During the lockdown, mommies were crazy busy cooking, cleaning and tending to the family. Here’s a mommy who did all this and more! DiaryOfAnInsaneWriter has always found Sneha stylish, but during the lockdown she redefined everything we knew about her. She taught newbies how to wear make-up correctly; she created content around motherhood & parenting and even told us about several interesting products. We love how she makes motherhood look cool. If you are looking for a cool mommy account with some amazing content, then this account is a must-follow.

High Street Mommy 2020 favourite instagrammer to follow

Madhushree and Anindya Basu aka PiktureNama

“Arre re re… wow! Wow! WOW!” That is exactly one’s reaction when one scrolls through PiktureNama’s Instagram feed. DiaryOfAnInsaneWriter loves this Instagram account because of the way they make food look so good. Every picture is as if the food will pop out of the picture. Audiences love the conversations that PiktureNama creates around food. Some posts are not only relatable but make you stop scrolling and type a reply button apart from a mere double tap. If you are a foodie and love everything to do around food, then this account is a must-follow.


Snehalata Jain aka Sneha_261013

When she got pregnant for the second time, Snehalata showed fellow mommies how to carry a pregnancy gracefully. After she delivered a bonny baby boy, her Instagram account has become a go-to for all new mommies. It’s difficult to keep creating content despite a new baby and the lockdown, but Snehalata did this very well- thus creating an example for other mommies to follow. DiaryOfAnInsaneWriter has loved the way she makes mommy-hood look Uber cool. If you are looking at following some amazing mommy content, this account is a must-follow.


Amrita Basu aka HealthWealthBridge_DrAmrita 

All parents who come across Dr. Amrita Basu’s Instagram handle will nod throughout the feed. That is because Dr. Amrita takes great care in timing her posts perfectly and tailoring each post for her audiences. Through the lockdown she has been creating some amazing content in posts and video formats. We have learned about childhood obesity, allergic rhinitis, invisible fats, immunity boosters and flu from her feed. There is a lot one can learn from her and DiaryOfAnInsaneWriter recommends every parent to follow this handle for loads of medical information presented in an easy and interesting manner.


Ruchi Verma aka WigglingPen

Through the lockdown, this account has ensured that there is a balance of entertainment and learning showcased on this handle. Songs, dance, life during lockdown and loads of fun with family was one peg that kept the audience entertained. Over and above this, she also started a very interesting chat show called Panchayat where she invited interesting guests and helped her audience gain insights on the topic at hand. Apart from this she also conducted a free blogging workshop with her close friend and fellow influencer, Dipika Singh. DiaryOfAnInsaneWriter believes that one must-follow this account if one is looking for learning and positivity.


Dipika Singh aka DipikkaSingh  

Here’s an account that creates thought-leadership driven content for the followers. DiaryOfAnInsaneWriter has been following Dipika Singh for a while now. However, the content during lockdown is worthy of mention here. She has been running a series on how to communicate effectively on social media, where she puts out one useful post a week for her audience. She has also done a free blogging workshop series and a blog train along with her friend and close buddy during the lockdown. If you are looking at gaining knowledge and positivity, this account is a must-follow.


Ayesha Ladha aka LuckyLadyBlossom 

Here’s an Instagram handle that directly converses with you. Throughout the lockdown, Ayesha kept her audiences entertained with interesting posts with her son, product reviews, inspirational thoughts and her throwback posts. DiaryOfAnInsaneWriter believes that this account not only understands what a common lady next door thinks but also offers a lot of hope and inspiration through the post descriptions. Ayesha’s stories are engaging and interactive, making the audiences keep swiping right. If you want a peek into the life of an Indian lady who is leading a holistic life, this handle is a must-follow for you.


Shatabdi aka BongExpress

Shatabdi hails from Kolkatta and was around when the city was facing its worst nightmares before and during the lockdown. Instead of turning her Instagram handle into a sob-fest, Bong Express featured her best work all throughout. If you love scrolling through meaningful pictures of people and locales, then Bong Express is a must follow. DiaryOfAnInsaneWriter loves the way she puts a simple description and also informs her audience about the equipment used to take a shot. Every person who loves interesting photographs must follow this account.



While you follow the above 20 Instagrammers, take a moment and visit DiaryOfAnInsaneWriter’s Instagram account too. It’s a mixture of eclectic posts about lifestyle, product reviews and life as a mother. The lastest reels featuring an angry mother and annoying aunty are a rage among desis.

Best Instagrammers to follow

Here’s the complete list of DiaryOfAnInsaneWriter’s favourite Instagrammers.

Baby Announcement Facebook Event Cover Photo

Do you have an Instagrammer you love? Please let me know in the comments below. 

Penned by:

Mayura Amarkant


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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. DiaryOfAnInsaneWriter has featured these Instagram handles on their own for no cost. We have chosen the handles based on the crtieria mentioned above. However, DiaryOfAnInsaneWriter takes no responsibility of the content quality, endorsements or information put out by these Instagram handles. 












  1. I only know mermaidscales and Akshar Pathak from this list, and they deserve to be on here one hundred percent! I’m going to check out the rest ASAP – thanks for this lovely list of creators from all genres and niches 🙂

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  2. Oh wow that’s a great variety of Instagrammers. Good on you for creating this list. Honestly, I was not aware of any of these people till now, looks like now I need to start looking them and following them.

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  3. Hey Mayura, it was so good to see most of my co-blogger friends are featured here…aisa lag raha hai ki shayad main bhi feature ho jau.. !! hahahhaah… nice post..

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  4. Honestly, I haven’t heard about half of these people….and bache huye log I came across through tiktok! Truly tiktok has given us some immensely talented people!

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  5. Wow such a great list of awesome Instagram account. Few were new and most of the well known friends. Dipika, Ruchi, amrita and Richa and you seems like family after last A2z.

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  6. Thank you Mayura.I am honoured and very surprised to find my name mentioned amongst Instagram celebrities.In the game of followers I am pretty much just starting.But I loved the appreciation you showed to my content.

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