Zee5 launches HiPi – India’s answer to TikTok | An #AtmaNirbharBharat Initiative

Recently, Indian government banned 59 Chinese applications. Many have been criticising the move, saying it has taken away the livelihood of many content creators. However, what the critics cannot understand is that content creators will never stop creating and fans will always follow their favourite content creator. ZEE5 understood this well and has created a short-form video platform called HiPi inside the ZEE5 app.

ZEE5’s new HiPi app will thrive on user-generated content and offer upto 90-second videos. Celebrities, influencers and users will love this new avatar of HiPi earlier called, Hypershorts.


What makes me excited is that fact that an Indian company has swiftly risen to the call of the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, and created HiPi as an AtmaNirbharBharat initiative. 

HiPi promises to be a platform where creators can create ingenious and interesting content using latest features. Fandoms, storytellers and entertainers will find this useful.

There are a few other apps with whom HiPi will compete with e.g. Roposo (50 million downloads), Mitron TV (10 million downloads), Chingari (3.5 million downloads) among others.

How is HiPi is different from TikTok?

HiPi videos can be over a minute long. Initially the app will be free and later may turn to a subscription driven format. This ad-supported format will weave it closer to ZEE5.

Tarun Katial, CEO of ZEE5 India said, “We want ZEE5 to be the super app of entertainment, a one-stop destination for digital videos. We don’t want users to come to us only for long form and go somewhere else for short form. The digital ecosystem will make users come back more, and their habit formation with ZEE5 will happen.” ZEE5 is one of India’s leading OTT apps with over a 100 million downloads.”


ZEE5 believes that HiPi will be a platform where content creators can express themselves with freedom and confidence. It is poised to be a safe haven where one can make a mark without the fear of being judged. The entire focus will be on creativity on ZEE5’s latest app, HiPi.

Share your views on this recent development at ZEE5. Will HiPi win the race and become the number one super entertainment app?

Penned by:

Mayura Amarkant


  1. TikTok users now have something really cool and hip to look forward to! A new app, Zee5’s own version of hi-tech and engaging content by utilizing UGC… I am sure THIS app would at some point be synonymous with the ‘ultimate OTT platform’ for Indian SM consumer base.

  2. I have not heard of them till now. I generally like the quality of the content that ZEE5 churns out, so it will be interesting to see what they do in this space.

  3. I am sure ZEE5 app would gain popularity as they gained for their OTT platform. Now tiktok lovers would be happy to download and create some cool content on this platform. I am recommending it further for sure.

  4. Wow that’s great news and thank you for sharing I had no idea about it and unfortunately even haven’t read it anywhere but thanks to your blog post now I know the best answers to the banned app

  5. this is something new, I have to check this out. Ingrown apps are the need of the hour. I like video content too. I will check this one out now

  6. I’m so glad that we’ve risen up to the occasion and showed that we can be AtmaNirbhar so quickly. This app will again open doors to all those video makers who were missing a platform to showcase their skills. A wonderful initiative by ZEE5!

  7. I miss TikTok, and have been looking for a similar app where we can have the same fun content. I will surely check Hipi by ZEE5, just wish they keep it free and not add subscription so that more people can join & use.

  8. HiPi by Zee5 seems to be a great app for those who were active on Tik Tok. I am sure with Zee5 as the backing brand the video content will also be better than the other platforms.

  9. This is something new to me, I had not heard about HIPI app before. seems like a great alternative to Tiktok. thanks dear for sharing about it, will check this app soon.

  10. I was not aware of this Indian version of tik tok launches by Zee5. Zee5 is on fire, they are coming with every possible thing. Great going Zee5 and best wishes for HiFi.

  11. I was really not aware of this app, seriously it is going to give people more space to showcase the talent!! Thanks for sharing this!!

  12. When Tik Tok shut down a lot of people were sorely disappointed. Glad to see another version of it crop up so soon, and an Indian one this time.

  13. ZEE5 is definitely going to be one time destination for digital videos. Great need for all the content creators. I am sure HiPi is going to be way better than tiktok

  14. ZEE5 is definitely going to be one stop destination for digital videos… Great initiative for content creators. HiPi is definitely going to be way better than tiktok.

  15. I have already heard so much about HiPi app. It will be really interesting to find out how it takes over the video content creator’s market. It does look promising and more than a minute video is actually a good thing.

  16. ZEE5 is providing a complete package in entertainment space through different mediums. I will check this app, I wasn’t aware of this, thanks to you I know more about it.

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