The bravest woman…

The whirring noise of the fan & the creak of the unbolted door woke her up, her throat was parched and as she licked her moist lips, she realised that her own blood was quenching her thirst. She hurriedly wiped her lips with the back of her dirty, bruised hand. Her head was throbbing right where he had pulled her hair while dragging her from the bedroom to the hall.

She lay there for a while, it served as a respite from his torturous behaviour. Each time he returned from his weekly tours, he would lash out his anger & frustration on her. 

Her parents, neighbours and friends urged her to walk out of her marriage. However, none of them had the guts to stand up in front of this monster to protect her. She realised that these people won’t keep her with them if she decides to leave him.

Battered wife

When he failed at getting the job done, his fists would rain on her naked body like burning hailstones.

Where would she go? Live alone? Easier said than done – he took care of her comfort and ensured every material need is fulfilled. 

Forced & sometimes unnatural sex is the only price she had to pay. And yes, when he failed at getting the job done, his fists would rain on her naked body like burning hailstones. After a while, like a child, he would get tired and bury his head in her bosom and cry himself to sleep. 

As she slowly came back to reality, her eyes searched him. She was used to cuddling him after a fighther bosom missed his sweaty, stinking face.


Where was he today?

The sound of the police siren & ambulance pierced through the air & reached her ears. She adjusted her torn clothes that revealed old & new gashes, some oozing blood and others, oozing pus. The clothes were torn in a way that half a breast & shoulder was exposed. She gathered all her strength and hobbled towards the window wondering what the commotion was about. 

Dead body

She gasped & stepped behind. Was that Mukul…? Yeshowwhowhen…?

She closed her eyes like a frightened kitten & was greeted by flashes of her rising like a tigress who pawed his ugly face, ferociously bit his neck, picked him up and hurled him down from the 15th floor of their 5-star apartment. A weak smile appeared on her tired, blood-stained face. She heaved a sigh of relief as she plonked herself on the sofa. 

A few days later, the insurance company sent her a cheque of 10 crores as compensation for the untimely, accidental death of her husband. 


Her hands didn’t tremble while she received it. She merely adjusted her dress, smiled slightly, bowed her head and walked away. 

The tigress would now ruleforever. 

Penned by:

Mayura Amarkant 

‘Written for #CauseAChatter 


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