Vibhuti Duggar Mutha

The girl who had no dreams | Vibhuti Duggar | Untold Story of Success

Dear Readers, from this blog post onwards, DiaryOfAnInsaneWriter begins a series that is called the Untold Stories Of Success. In this series, we will be covering inspirational stories of people who have made it big despite challenges. These amazing souls continue to inspire others through their work.

It is an honour to start this series with the story of Vibhuti Duggar Mutha, a transformational trainer and poetess. In 2016, her poem broke records and trended on social media and WhatsApp. She later created a soul-stirring poem for this blogzine and you can view it here: Sawaal hi Galat ho toh koi Jawab kaise dega?

On a rainy day in Mumbai, DiaryOfAnInsaneWriter got an opportunity for a heart to heart tête-à-tête with this AMAZING lady. Meeting her was one of the best experiences we have had. She is so warm, enthusiastic and resonating with positivity. Meeting Vibhuti Duggar Mutha taught me a lot about life and dreams. Through this UNTOLD STORY OF SUCCESS, DiaryOfAnInsaneWriter hopes that you too will be inspired by Vibhuti’s journey. 

Vibhuti Duggar Mutha
Vibhuti’s Untold Story Of Success

Without further ado, here is Vibhuti’s story: The girl who had no dreams!

  • She was born in the humble city of Raipur and moved to Dubai after her marriage
  • She was someone who never interacted with anyone apart from her close group of friends.
  • Someone who never had the guts to look into a stranger’s eye
  • Someone who did not know what grooming is
  • Someone who could not speak in English fluently
  • Someone who would never protest for anything
  • Someone who had no idea about what she is good at.
  • That was VIBHUTI in 2003, the girl without dreams!

In October 2018, she decided to move from Dubai to Raipur in India so that she could use her training prowess to transform lives in this small town. It’s RARE to see such acts of selflessness in today’s times where everyone wants to work & earn big bucks in metros.

Imagine a girl wearing salwar kameez, meek, no confidence, no opinion about anything in life. She would very quietly agree to norms of the society like – not talking to boys, not wearing western clothes, not aspiring for a career, not going out after 6.00 pm. This was who she was until the age of 21.  She could see her life forward very clearly wearing a sari, married to a businessman, cooking, cleaning, producing kids and managing life with a lot of compromises. That was the old Vibhuti for you.

Today’s Vibhuti is the Founder of – Project Purpose, Dubai and an internationally acclaimed poet who writes at Poetry with Purpose by Vibhuti

As a trainer, she has decided to dedicate her life to guide, train & uplift entrepreneurs & others in Raipur and Chattisgarh. We pray that her touch of positivity spreads across India and eventually across the world. 

How is it possible for a girl to have NO DREAMS?

(She shrugs her shoulders and smiles) I did not have to kill my dreams because I had none.  I just thought I am not allowed to have any. Just because marriage was not happening, guys were rejecting me. I was asked to join an MBA course. I hated the idea the only thing led me to join the MBA program was the incentive that I would have 2 more years without marriage. That was the turning point of my life as if someone told me why are you inside the cage when the door is wide-open can’t you see?

Where do you originally hail from?

(She continues speaking softly, her voice is very silky & her stance oozes confidence) As a new entrant in this world, I was born in what I believed, was an almost unheard town of India named Raipur. Being presented with a conventional life, my reality was wrapped in narrow-mindedness and restrictive norms of my community. Much like other girls I was groomed to keep my mouth glued unless granted a permit to speak. Innately, speaking to anyone known or unknown would send a shock wave through my body.

How did you start writing poetry?

During those days poetry writing had been my hobby though it was a private affair and a way to release my concealed feelings. It liberated my soul.

Vibhuti Duggar Mutha

What was the turning point of your life?

(She straightens up, runs her fingers through her hair casually and comes forward excitedly) One day, a friend of mine announced unexpectedly that I would recite poetry to my MBA fellow mates facing a class of 60 students. I can live that moment so vividly for I was overtaken by shock; fear, desperation, anger and excitement ran through my veins like an odd mixture. Being in the limelight was the last thing I would have asked for. My wish was to vanish physically, yet I took those 20 odd steps forward. To get up from where I was seated, to the front of my classroom, seemed like the longest distance I had ever covered. With all those curious eyes fixated on me, my body temperature rose and yet I felt frozen. Swaying among these extremes, I mustered the courage to raise my head up and recite the poetry first time ever in public.


How did you begin reciting poems professionally?

(She lets out the sweetest smile while her eyes begin to shine) From a casual environment where my writing was shared with known faces, I decided to recite the poetry of famous writers at my workshops. My colleagues were in awe of this way of starting a formal session and in fact, began adopting this method going forward.
This continued for some time and I took on to sharing my videos on social media with few reactions and comments.

With my work-life getting busy this part of my expression was at a halt until business slowed down. In my free time, I began creating poems and it struck a chord with those were known and not known to me. From then on I always had opportunities and reasons to write. Either my followers would send a request to put a video or some subject would trigger my creativity to flow. Be it politics, social issues or self-reflection, I was overflowing with thoughts and ideas that would easily turn into poems.”

Your poem went viral 3 years ago, how was that experience?

(Vibhuti beams in excitement and continues smiling while she speaks) Well, like I said earlier, I was reciting poems to small groups of people, putting them on WhatsApp groups and social media for my friends, relatives & some followers. November 2016, one of my poems went viral not to a huge number but it reached around 400,000 views if you combine counts from all the pages it got published on.

It literally happened over a period of 3 days and it was overwhelming, I had no idea how did it happen. I received messages from 20 different cities in India, few from other parts of the world like USA, Canada, UK. These messages were filled with appreciation and blessings I realized something after this that I should just keep writing and reciting the poems which are written with emotions will always reach to people. It was like a chain reaction and I started writing more poems and created my own page.”

How are you different today?

From that meek girl of 2003 the one who had no dreams at all to this one who, in 2019, is all about dreams, it is indeed a journey yet to begin, it is a journey which has seen a lot already and yet not done for life.

What is Vibhuti all about in 2019?

(continues in a business-like tone while the smile continues to adorn her pretty face) Today I am an MBA and Licensed Instructor in Mind Mapping. I am also an NLP Master Practitioner (ABNLP), TimeLine Therapy™ Practitioner & Hypnotherapy Practitioner (ABNLP). I recently shifted from Dubai in order to help transform lives in India. I have chosen to serve in smaller towns as that is where the help is needed the most. Almost everyone wants to cater to the metros, I, on the other hand,  aspire to provide help where it is most needed. Sure, there is a larger plan for the future where I would eventually want to transform lives across India and the globe.

It is a journey of contentment where I run a company, I am a poet with her own created audience, I am a faculty at a university, I am an artist who has painted everything around, I am a dancer who dances her heart out and known for it, I am a mother of two beautiful kids, I am the wife of a proud husband. I am so many things today that people know me for and I am proud to say that I did create my own path with my own mistakes.

What does poetry mean to you?


Its really amazing how poetry can make you smile, laugh, think, feel through words and expression. I knew now I am all about expressing with words filled with emotions and that’s all I do through my poetry.

Any message for our readers?

(smiles & continues looking at me straight in the eye) A cage is not a cage unless you begin to notice it until then it is your world. And what happens, when one day it dawns upon you, that, you are trapped? It becomes the beginning of umpteen stories, of human potential, of human desires, ambitions and courage.

We concluded the interview with a warm hug. 

Penned by:

Mayura Amarkant

Do let us know if Vibhuti’s story impacted you. Leave a comment and let us know your views. In case you have an untold story to share, you can email us on



  1. I just watched Vibhuti’s video on sawal hi galat… Wow I am amazed. Your voice is so soothing. And words do powerful. I will try finding other videos. I am totally fangirling you. What an incredible and inspiring story 😀

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  2. One of my favourite people.
    What a charming personality. Experienced ( & cherished) a little phase of your transformation, and looking forward to the huge caboodle of your expressions n efforts in coming years…..
    Eager to meet you soon.!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you Mayura for putting our conversation beautifully in the post! It’s so encouraging to see this and kicks me inside to work more harder and dream even bigger now! Gratitude and loads of love to you!

    Liked by 1 person

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