How to let go of jealousy? #AskRoshani

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Roshani Shenazz, Approved Holistic Therapist & Training Provider by IPHM, UK provides guided answers

Dear Roshani,

Whenever someone around me receives praise or achieves success, I feel an intense and overwhelming feeling of jealousy towards that person. The feeling intensifies when I see so many people leading a happy life on social media. I feel inadequate, like a loser. Please help me to get rid of these feelings of jealousy. 

Your’s Sincerely,

Eye Of Envy

Dear Eye Of Envy,

Jealousy is like a sticky onion covered with many layers which are hard to peel. The layers that create jealousy could be of – fear, lack of confidence, insecurities, comparisons, victimhood, complexes, hurt, humiliation, unforgiveness, and the likes. To heal jealousy is therefore not an easy task. It is such a slimy friend, that it almost feels right most of the times to feel jealous of things and people that are seemingly ahead of us in any way. The best approach is to first deal with it by uncovering and addressing the concerned layers which most of the times are oblivious to us.

Remember when you compare yourself with envy within, you always remain in that void of lack that exists in your mind and thus your reality which reaffirms it.


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With this answer, the below technique was guided to be shared. This shall in a daily aspect, help you to do away with envy and gradually heal the toxins of jealousy:

  • Sit at night time, an hour before sleeping and make a list of people or things you are or have been jealous of, even if they have been mere comparisons in your mind.
  • Then take each one and write 3 emotions or reasons you feel are responsible for that comparison or jealous thought. So for example, if you are jealous of someone getting more money than you or more love and attention, in any way, write 3 reasons why you felt so.

Eg. You felt jealous because

  1. You had to always struggle for receiving love or appreciation
  2. You were constantly compared
  3. Beg for something you wanted or was never valued.
  4. Felt neglected at work while others got promoted.
  5. Never got a raise because you felt you were not popular
  • Once you get these reasons, try and sit quietly and pray to the Angels and the Divine Source to help you connect to an event/s in your life (childhood or anytime in life) that is responsible for each of those reasons.

Eg. For the 1st / 2nd reason above, you may remember an event or events in childhood how you craved for your parent’s attention while they were busy, or that you were always compared with your sibling, classmate or your parents’ friend’s child. Feel that emotion completely and allow it to play like a videotape in your mind. Cry if you have to, it is ok.

  • Once you do this, then through prayers, affirmation and positive mindset try and heal that reason. So within that scene itself, bring your now adult self into it and see or invent your own elder self, doing all that you really wanted your elders to do at that time. Bring in yourself to tell your younger self all that you wanted to hear at that time. Then see your adult self, saying any of these affirmations to the younger self as per the situation:
    • You get all that you deserve.
    • You are deserving of all the goodness in life in all forms.
    • You receive love and appreciation from all around you.
    • You are perfect in all that you do.
    • You receive all the support you want in life.
    • You are right now receiving the raise and promotion you so deserved.
    • You are so loved and protected at all times.
  • Then see your adult self, hugging the past you and when you can feel considerably calm, then speak out loud or write any of the below applicable affirmation/s daily 10 times.
    • I get all that I deserve. I am deserving of all the goodness in life in all forms.
    • I receive love and appreciation from all around me.
    • I am grateful for all the support I receive in life.
    • I am happy for everyone’s success including my own.
    • I believe life supports me in all that I wish to do.
    • I am loved and protected at all times.
    • I attract all that is for my highest best.
    • I am always at the right place, at the right time, with the right people.
    • I am surrounded by encouraging, inspiring and honest people.
  • Then pray in your intent and seek forgiveness from the souls who you were feeling jealous about and give forgiveness to your own self and the ones responsible for the older events that triggered these layers to create envy within you. This when done for a healing cycle of  30 days, or 90 days if it is a more deep-rooted issue, would then slowly help in peeling and thus healing of each layer that caused the jealousy. Once each layer is healed you would soon see jealousy being replaced with compassion, joy for others’ success and confidence in your own abilities to create a life of balance, love, and wisdom.

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Guided Answers by:

Roshani Shenazz

Written exclusively for: DiaryOfAnInsaneWriter

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ROSHANI SHENAZZ is an internationally renowned Spiritual Medium, Guide, Mentor, Coach, Speaker, and Author. She is an Approved Therapist and Training Provider by the IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine) U.K. 

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