135 best Rajasthani wedding songs from grandma’s treasure chest.

Picture this: You are a modern Rajasthani/ Marwadi who is in love with the culture and tradition. However, when it comes to singing wedding songs, you find yourself depending on all the chachi’s, buas, dadis and nani’s who fish out melodies from their pallus like its the easiest thing to do.

Don’t you wish there was a book that contained the songs your elders knew by heart?

While you were wondering how and where would you get the best Rajasthani wedding songs, 86 year old grandmother, Banarasi Devi Sagarmal Jangid was secretly wishing that the songs she knew, would remain here even after she was gone.

Banarasi Devi or Buaji as she is fondly called was the centre of attention at weddings during her youth. She loved singing and knew all the Rajasthani wedding songs by heart. She never thought of writing them down until her health started failing.

Banarasi Devi shared her concerns with her distant relative, Pushpa Bhavani Shankar Jangid. 

All through my life, I have been invited to sing bhajans and geets at weddings, pujas and religious events. However, once the event was over, people used to forget me. It hurts me to imagine what will happen after I am gone. My songs would die with me. This fear of being forgotten is worse than death. Pushpa, mana amar hono hai…” she appealed to the empathetic and dutiful Pushpa. 

Pushpa took up the mantle of sitting at her buaji’s feet and writing down each wedding song while Banarasi Devi passionately narrated them.

Due to Buaji’s ill-health, the process of curating the book took 3 long years.  Neither she nor Pushpa gave up. Each time the day looked bright, they would get together and work on the book.  

A feat that took extraordinary patience and commitment. Amidst the narration, Buaji would break into a reverie and begin narrating incidents from her life. Pushpa would patiently lend a listening ear and smilingly guide her back to the narration.

What is so special about the book?

Pushpa says, “The book is an attempt to keep all our traditional rituals alive. There is not an iota of superstition or blind faith in the book. Its a simple book of 135  songs for each sacred ritual in a Marwari wedding. The songs can be sung at every happy occasion in a Rajasthani/ Marwari family.” 

Indian rituals seek to bind families into strong, unbreakable bonds. The young generation must realise that practicing our traditions will not curtail their prospects of appearing ‘cool’. Instead, it will add to their personality as the blessings of the elders will provide strength throughout life.” she continues.

What happens to the money generated from book sales?

Proceeds of the book will go to Buaji. Apart from the decline in her physical health, her finances have also been down. 

The proceeds of book sales will go towards funding Buaji’s medical expenses.

“I believe the money generated from book sales will help her for her medicine and other expenses. Surely her family has savings but this would be her money that she will spend on herself without burdening her family.” shares Pushpa

How to order the book?

Language: Hindi
Cost: INR 100
(courier cost additional and at actuals)
Call/WhatsApp: +91 9819789375 / 9322262210 (IST 9 am to 7 pm only)
Email: pshpjangid@gmail.com

Who is Pushpa Bhavanishankar Jangid?

Pushpa is a homemaker who lives in Malad, Mumbai. She got married to businessman, Bhavanishankar, almost immediately after clearing her 10th standard exams. She continues to enjoy the love and adulation from her mother’s & in-laws home. Her father was her inspiration and a prominent figure in their samaj.

She has four kids, 3 daughters, and one son. Despite not being able to complete their studies, Pushpa & Bhavanishankar have ensured that their children get the best education. Their eldest daughter, Divya is married and a practicing homeopathic doctor. Rest of the kids are studying hard to make their parents proud.

A perfect blend of modern thought while being rooted in tradition

She is no ordinary home-maker, you would see her actively participating in the samaj’s work and also undertaking several NGO related activities. he practices Yoga regularly to keep herself energetic and agile. Over and above this, she ensures that outside food, masalas, namkeens stay far away from the family. She lovingly cooks everything at home and thus keeps her & her family’s health above anything else.

Pushpa’s home is thus a sanctuary of modern thought deeply rooted in Indian tradition.

Pushpa attributes the secret of her happiness to her ever loving and supportive husband. “He is my backbone, without him, I cannot think of surviving. I love him like crazy. Without his support, I wouldn’t have been able to think of curating a book or carrying out my other social service activities” gushed Pushpa while talking to DiaryOfAnInsaneWriter.

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And don’t forget to order a copy of the book for yourself or your friends – its a great gift for a Rajasthani. As mentioned, the proceeds will go towards funding Buaji’s medical expenses. 

Written by:

Mayura Amarkant



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