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Best ways to get rid of your nasal congestion (blocked nose) in children

The onset of the monsoon season brings in much relief from the harsh summer heat. However, as a mother, it worries me when the sudden climate change brings its own set of challenges. Especially in a humid city like Mumbai, viral fever and the blocked nose is a common phenomenon. I used to spend a lot of sleepless nights tending to my cranky child who was unable to sleep because of a blocked nose.

The harm caused by nasal congestion:

  • Lack of sleep – I used to prop up my child against pillows to help her sleep better. However, it didn’t give her proper sleep and she felt drowsy throughout the day
  • Irritation – The blockage made her very irritable because of the discomfort.
  • Avoiding food – My child loved the soups and love that I served her when she was unwell. However, she used to stay away from solid food completely. That was a major cause of worry
  • Compulsory nose breathing in toddlers – Toddlers breathe from their nose and when it’s blocked, they are unable to breathe properly
  • Overall growth – in serious cases, mental and physical growth is disturbed due to nose blockage.
Mayura Amarkant Nasivion
A blocked nose causes discomfort for your little angel.

Here are some of the best solutions that I have used for my children. Each of them has been effective and I hope you will find them useful too. Please consult your paediatrician before trying anything on your little ones.

Grandma’s solution for Stuffy Nose

When I was a child, my grandmother used to resort to the good old remedy of Ajjwain ki potli. She would wrap carom seeds in a soft cloth and heat it on a pan & gently dab the warm bundle on my chest. I used to sleep very well after that.
I tried the same with my little one when she complained of a blocked nose. It worked for her as well. She slept well that night. However, during the day, I needed a solution that allowed her to be comfortable while playing or studying.

Mother’s Remedy for Blocked Nose

My mother would put a few drops of Eucalyptus oil in a tub of hot water and make me inhale the vapor. This gave a lot of relief and I always felt better. In days of yore, we would wake up early and had enough time before school for these home remedies. In addition, we were calmer and willing to sit in one place and inhale the medicinal vapor. I am blessed with an extremely playful little girl who is always jumping and running around.

How to get rid of stuffy nose for children
Eucalyptus oil

Paediatrician’s recommendation for Nasal Congestion 

Nebulization was recommended as a remedy for my child’s nasal congestion, but she cried throughout, it was heartbreaking. I asked the pediatrician for an easier remedy, that is when she prescribed, Nasivion Mini (Baby) Nose Drops – 0.01% for my little one. They also have 0.025% child that I can use for my elder son. It’s easy to use a nasal spray that helped my child to breath better.

I have used Nasivion for both my children and have been very happy with the results. My elder one is 13 today and his paediatrician had recommended it when he was little. My younger one is 4 and was advised Nasivion too.

I strongly advise mothers to first check with their paediatrician before administering any medicine to their child. 

More information on the kids/babies range can be found here:

Penned by:
Mayura Amarkant

P.S: I have used the Nasivion solution for both my children and I am happy with the same. Sure, this is a sponsored post, but you, my readers, know that I don’t endorse or recommend before trying it first.



  1. Blocked nose is very common problem among kids. Glad to know so many alternatives method like ajwain ki potli. Heard a lot about Nasivion Effective Results for blocked nose.


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