IGTV Guide – How to use Instagram’s new feature? 14 tips to use it like IGTV like a pro!

Recently, Instagram introduced a brand new feature, IGTV – by doing this, they have taken YouTube heads on. However, many users are still struggling with understanding what IGTV really is & how to use it for their benefit. This guide should help you.


1. What is IGTV?

IG (Instagram) TV (television) is Instagram’s new service where you can upload vertical videos that are as long as one hour.

Unlike Instagram stories that disappear in 24 hours, IGTV videos will remain on your channel until you decide to remove it just like YouTube videos.

The best part is that unlike YouTube where you need to gather a subscriber base, IGTV ensures that your current Instagram follower base automatically gets notified whenever you upload a new video.

2. Vertical Video Format only!

IGTV is meant for how you use the phone – vertical and full screen. This specific feature is targeted towards the youth who are perfectly comfortable with watching videos in the vertical format (remember that they are already using Snapchat and Instagram stories plus Snapchat videos on their channels are also vertical).

You need 9:16 screen resolution – if your current video is in landscape mode, then it will look oddly cut from the sides. You will need to edit the video. You can edit your existing videos using PowerDirector on Android & Videorama on IOS. You can also use wave.video a browser based online video maker.

3. IGTV doesn’t need to be on the phone!

This is how Instagram is trying to capture the YouTube creator audience. You don’t need to record, edit or upload IGTV videos from your phone. You can do it from the browser. This comes as a huge relief for professional video creators who use the PC for high-end video making.

4. Curated content presented to viewers

The way you have channels on TV, there are channels on IGTV. Like YouTube, there is a feed that curates videos based on your interests, followers and past actions on Instagram. If you are a creator that it is critical that you work on establishing a niche so that your target audience gets your channel on their feed through the Instagram algorithm.

5. Intuitive Navigation feature

When the user enters IGTV through Instagram or the IGTV app, the video automatically starts playing. There are options given at the bottom where the user can choose to watch videos:

  • For you (based on interests)
  • Following
  • Popular
  • Continue watching (this is a unique reminder feature that ensures that viewer drop is minimal)


6. IGTV Video requirements

  • MP4 video format
  • less than 650Mb
  • Portrait format

7. What to post on IGTV?

Here is where you need to be mindful that Instagram stories could have a bad resolution, inaudible sound and amateur edits. For IGTV however, the content needs to be better. Treat this like a TV channel or a YouTube channel – the audience expects the sound to be good, edit to be slick and content to be appealing.

8. What kind of content will work for IGTV

Surely you are free to post whatever you wish on IGTV but try to be:

  • Concise
  • Informative
  • Entertaining
  • Subtle

Other tips:

  • Work on the presentation style.
  • Get to the point immediately, don’t ramble.
  • Announce the learnings at the beginning of the video
  • End it with a recap
  • Add subtitles, it will help the hearing impaired to understand your video better

9. Broad content types for IGTV?

Fashion tips (includes the entire array of fashion), Cooking, Vlogs, Talk Shows, Short films, short DIY (do it yourself) videos etc. Broadly can be categorised as:

  • Tutorials
  • Behind the scenes
  • Product videos
  • General insider knowledge on the industry

10. Does IGTV pay for views like YouTube does?

As of now, IGTV doesn’t pay its creators. But, over time, they will have to think of a strategy if they want to retain good creators with them. Else creators will do what they are doing with Facebook now i.e. leave a trailer on Facebook and redirect traffic to YouTube.

11. How to create an IGTV Channel?

Option One: Update the Instagram app and click the IGTV icon – follow the instructions
Option Two: Download the IGTV app

If you don’t understand either, then you can follow the instructions here.

12. How often to post on IGTV?

Digital marketers are still figuring out this one. In my opinion, you should do at least 1 video a week, to begin with – try and follow a calendar. Tell your audience what to expect next.

13. You don’t need to create new content for IGTV

Given that you already have content lying with you in the form of Corporate AVs, YouTube Videos and Facebook videos – you merely need to resize it. Content can thus be repurposed to reach out to your Instagram audience.

14. Do we have SEO for IGTV? In other words, how to maximize views?

I have already told you that your Instagram followers will get notified once you upload a video on IGTV.

In addition, I would advise you to:

  • Use an attractive cover
  • A good title that contains keywords
  • Throw in a couple of keywords in the description
  • Use the feature that allows you to share on Facebook – that way you can redirect traffic
  • Give the link in Instagram stories, WhatsApp stories and FB stories for quicker traction

Concluding thoughts:

With the introduction of IGTV, Instagram has taken away eyeballs from entertainment apps and YouTube in one single swipe. It provides the viewer with curated content and thus the algorithmic viewing ensures that the right TG views a video all the time. For creators, it is a boon in disguise since the existing Instagram follower base automatically becomes the viewer base for IGTV.

Youth will consume long-form content if it suits their liking. IGTV allows a direct connection with the viewer and thus the potential for brand engagement is extremely high. I am personally very excited to see where this is going to lead.

What do you think about IGTV? Do you believe its going to change the way content is being consumed across the globe? Has your business or you started using IGTV yet? Do you have any questions? I will be happy to answer – just share your thoughts, knowledge, suggestions and questions in the comment box below!

Penned by:
Mayura Amarkant

The author is a national-award-winning Digital Marketer, Content Curator & PR Expert. 


Image courtesy: https://www.animatron.com/blog/igtv/ AND https://fossbytes.com/igtv-app-tips-instagram/


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