Gaming Arcades in India: TimeZone ushers affordability, family fun & comfort

I have always found gaming arcades a total turn off. It was always about spending too much money for almost nothing in return. In North Mumbai, where I live, the options were few. The available ones were extremely expensive, unsafe for small kids, no place to sit. Most importantly, the number of tickets to be won were few. And, if you are lucky to win tickets, the prizes were cheap, bad quality items.

When I got an invitation from Time Zone, Malad, being sceptical was natural for my husband & me. However, we took the chance. Little did we know that we were in for a pleasant surprise :).

The first thing that hits you when you enter is a huge shop where one can choose prizes in exchange for tickets. The prizes are really good quality and make one want to win them.

We took a quick tour and realised there were so many reasons to smile. Before we get into the details, take a look at this 1.5 min tour of the space:

Timezone is breaking myths and stereotypes. The variety of games that cater to each and every generation combined with the setup, price point and quality takeaways make it a family destination. The key words being AFFORDABILITY & FAMILY FUN.

Here are a few things that made my family & me fall in love with the place:

  • Games start at INR 35
  • Group games like Family Bowling cost INR 150 for 20 balls
  • Play more & win more! We won TWO Jackpots !! Almost every person we saw had a huge tub of tickets
  • There is enough space between kiosks for easy movement
  • The staff is very courteous & friendly
  • They are an equal opportunities employer, I was happy to see differently-abled staff members also present in a high-energy zone like this.
  • Family seating arrangement in the gaming arcade so senior citizens and children can rest
  • Massage chairs so that the elders can soothe their nerves while the youngsters play
  • The VR experience is out of this world!
  • The Krazeewhirlcars made me feel like a giddy-headed teenager…gosh we laughed a LOT that day!
  • The PRIZES are really high-quality merchandise

My childhood dream came true!! We won not one but TWO JACKPOTS in a row!! Fantastic afternoon!! Well spent with my favourite people!! Timezone at Inorbit Malad totally rocks!!

If you have kids, this place is a #mustvisit. The best part is that they have specially assigned places to sit and relax between games and the prizes are really nice! The cost per game is really low..all in all a total paisa vasool, dhamaal place to be on a holiday with family or friends!

“I’ve shared my experience at the revamped Timezone ​Inorbit, Malad​ in association with BlogAdda. Here are a few pictures of the unforgettable afternoon:

Timezone gaming zone
I have never won so many tickets in my life!!


Timezone easy to use
The games are easy to operate even for kids. Don’t miss the uniformed staff who are always around to help.
staff at timezone malad
The uniformed staff is ever-ready to help the customers. Always smiling :). This guy’s name was Mayur 🙂

Do visit the space if you are looking for a fun-filled time with the family.

Let me know your views in the comments section below. Would love to know about your experiences with Indian gaming arcades.

Penned by:

Mayura Amarkant 

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