16 amazing social media platforms

A2Z of Online Branding: CHOOSE WISELY 16 AMAZING Social Media Platforms (3/26)

This post is differently written, it requires you to visit another post on this blog to understand the 16 AMAZING Social Media Platforms and then come back to this post and read the rest.

Hmmn…you know its going to be worth the effort – don’t you?

Let’s begin!!

For those who have been following this series, this post comes as a much awaited one. My phone and chat platforms have been constantly buzzing with readers who want to read more on Online Branding – Choosing Platforms.

For those who joined in late, it is advisable to first read the following posts before jumping in:

So, my dearest readers, we began the first chapter by understanding your ambition, putting down goals for your business and online branding. We also identified the audiences that would opt for your product or services. In the second chapter, we examined whether it makes business sense to take your brand online.

I am hoping that you now have a fairly good idea of whether your brand needs a presence online or not. If you have, then your next questions may be:

Social media platforms
Are these questions playing on your mind?

To make things simpler and easier for you, I have simplified 16 of the best social media platforms only for YOU. Please click here to read the post on SOCIAL MEDIA SIMPLIFIED – I updated this post today so that you all can get the latest information in a simplified form. 

What are you waiting for?

16 AMAZING Social Media Platforms. (Click here)

Come back to this post after that.

Which Platform is best for your business?

16 amazing social media platforms
Read the post on SOCIAL MEDIA SIMPLIFIED to understand these 16 platforms better

Here is are two infographics that you can download as per your business need. These contain the MUST HAVE social media tools. Small businesses or product dependent businesses will benefit by having a presence on these platforms.

Social media for small businesses
These are absolutely essential for small businesses. You can obviously add to this list as per your content & budget.

In chapter two, we discussed about Person-dependent businesses v/s product-dependent businesses. Here is an infographic that tells you about the MUST HAVE social media platforms for Person dependent Businesses.

Most important social media platform for individuals
If you are a fashion designer, professor, trainer, consultant etc. then these are must-haves for you.

You will read more about DECIDING CONTENT  in the 4th post in this series.  #StayTuned!

How will this series work?

I will be writing 26 blogs that will serve as 26 steps for a business owner to follow to ensure business growth using the online medium. In other words, follow this series and understand how to crack the Online Branding Code!

Do leave your comments and let me know what you think of the series. Also, let me know if you have any specific problems in online branding that you want me to address. I will be happy to solve them in due course.

Penned by:
Mayura Amarkant

Disclaimer: This series is an original piece of writing. All copyrights remain with the author, any content re-purpose, copying or lifting is not allowed. The author is a National Award Winning Woman Business Leader in Digital Marketing and PR, she has written this series based out of her own personal experiences while handling large brands. Incase you need to discuss business, please email: mayura.amarkant@sarvashreshtha.com.

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