Understanding online branding for business growth

A2Z of Online Branding – A definitive guide to business growth by cracking the code (Theme Reveal)

I was born in easier times, with no mobiles, no internet, and no social media. We didn’t see the need for an individual computing unit or phone. A PC was a shared device, each of us took turns to use it. Since social media was unheard of and there was no compulsion to ‘like’ or share news. We made our purchase decisions based on Word of Mouth, hoardings, television ads, newspaper ads and articles, radio ads, pamphlets, exhibition and other old-fashioned methods.

Times have changed. And how!

What happened with Social Media Marketing started?
During the social media marketing explosion, some got on the band wagon, others were left behind.

The century turned & the internet revolution started. Consumers got hungrier, first we had websites, then chat-rooms, then social media channels. There came a time when everything was dished out at the same time. Marketers saw opportunity and started web advertising. Just when one understood how it works, social media, search engines, app marketing, influencer campaigns, etc. etc.  everything just followed in quick succession.

What happened when Digital Advertising & Mobile Advertising became popular
When digital advertising and mobile apps gained prominence, many fell of the band wagon

Some brands understood the winds of change and started moving slowly to the online medium. The younger generation took to internet like a fish to water. However, we, the dinosaurs took time to understand and adjust. Many brands lost out due to their delay in getting on the bandwagon. However, those who did, reaped benefits.

Over time, we understood that there is no “first mover’s advantage” in the online world. It was a game of “Survival of the fittest” or should I say, “Survival of the loudest”. Today, we are on the brink of another big change, one that will ensure data theft is minimized and consumer’s data is kept secure.

Best information and guide on Online Branding
There is so much dynamic information on Online Branding. It can get overwhelming

According to global agency, WeAreSocial’s research, India ranks 12th in average time spent on the internet.

Time spent by Indians on the Internet
An average India spends 7 hours 25 min on the internet per day. That is 217.5 hours a month!!

The research shows alarming statistics of unique mobile users in India vis-a-vis the internet & social media usage. This presents a unique opportunity to marketers to use the online medium to reach consumers. Most marketers and business owners are faced with the common challenge – HOW TO HARNESS THE POWER OF INTERNET & SOCIAL MEDIA REACH TO DRIVE SALES.

Digital statistics India 2018
46 crore Indians use internet daily & 25 crore Indians are active social media users. 84.4 crore Indians have a mobile and 23 crore access social media on the mobile.

Today we are faced with the market full of digital natives who understand the tools but don’t understand the strategy and business logic. Entrepreneurs therefore end up hiring young agencies and then have a harrowing time in coaching the agency.

Understanding online branding for business growth
This series is a definitive guide to business growth by cracking the online branding code.

This series is for every business owner, whether big or small, with or without budgets to understand and tame the internet dragon. It will serve as a ready reckoner guide for start-up entrepreneurs and will help established businesses to look back and reexamine strategies and tools.

Why did I decide to write this series as part of the A2Z challenge?

As a Digital Consultant and Transformation Catalyst, I meet several people whose favourite sentences in their vocabulary are:

“I am not a technical person, I don’t understand this jargon.”

“Its too complicated, let the agency take care of it.”

“You are the expert, you let me know.”

“I need to take notes while you are talking and then try to understand everything you are saying.”

“When you say it and do it for us, it seems so simple. When we try it, its very complicated.”

It is impossible for me to reach out to each and every person on an individual basis. At the same time, I know that people who fear online branding would actually love to understand it and use it. They will use it far better than digital natives because they come with the wealth of experience.

This series is a gift from my end to all the people who aspire to learn and gain from the growing power of the online world.

How will this series work?

I will be writing 26 blogs that will serve as 26 steps for a business owner to follow to ensure business growth using the online medium. In other words, follow this series and understand how to crack the Online Branding Code! Stay tuned for the first post on the first day of April. This one will get you out of the Fool’s Paradise for sure :).

Do leave your comments and let me know what you think of the series. Also, let me know if you have any specific problems in online branding that you want me to address. I will be happy to solve them in due course.

Authored by:

Mayura Amarkant

Disclaimer: This series is an original piece of writing. All copyrights remain with the author, any content re-purpose, copying or lifting is not allowed. The author is a National Award Winning Woman Business Leader in Digital Marketing and PR, she has written this series based out of her own personal experiences while handling large brands. Incase you need to discuss business, please email: mayura.amarkant@sarvashreshtha.com.



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