I sailed through my college years on Valentine’s Day: Thanks to my MOM!

I am the second-born, I have a BEAUTIFUL elder sister and a HANDSOME younger brother. Apart from the fact that they are wonderful souls and extremely intelligent, they are simply G-O-O-D L-O-O-K-I-N-G. Being the carefree, rebellious and gregarious of the three, I always felt like the ugly duckling amongst them. No, they did NOTHING to make me feel small. I don’t think it ever occurred to them that I looked different.

Okay, okay – I wasn’t that bad :). Here is a realistic picture of me from those days:

Mayura Amarkant Mayura Makasare
My pic from college times 🙂

My mom, my gorgeous creator –  used to be lavish in her praise for both her daughters. Just like every mother-daughter relationship, ours has been sweet and sour. We have been best of friends. If ever there has been someone wrong in the relationship, it has always been me. Mummy has been the one with the bigger heart, always understanding, counseling and hiding all my faults in her bosom.

Mayura Usha Priti Makasare Amarkant Correa
My GORGEOUS mom & her daughters 🙂

Coming back to our story, I went to college from 1993-98, those were times when the economy had just opened up and commercialization of special days had just begun. When I look back, I recall spending time with mummy, sharing college anecdotes with her. At times she would listen, at other times she would caution me, and even chide me.

Most of my friends had that “Special One” during college days. I was blessed with loads of good friends but that “Special One” remained elusive. Yes, I did have a few crushes (read MANY), but I was so busy studying, working as a tuition teacher & being a 4 am friend, that nothing really mattered or materialized. (Or should I say, I faced rejection many times??)

At best, Mayura was a “Bhai” and “Dost” to everyone. I loved being that. However, it hurt to be alone on Valentine’s Day. I NEVER expressed it. But, somehow, my mom knew :). I guess that’s why WOH MAA HAI!

Did I mention that mom, Adv. Usha Kiran Makasare, is a senior CBI counsel at present? Back in the days, she was one of the busiest Defence Lawyers in the city of Mumbai.

So, what did my mom do on Valentine’s Day?

  • Every single Valentine’s Day from 1993 to 1998 (my college life), my mother took an entire day’s leave
  • She would ensure that I take the day off as well
  • We would step out of the house at 10 am in the morning and return at dinner time
  • The ENTIRE DAY would be dedicated to ME
  • She would take me wherever I wished – salon, boat ride, Gateway Of India, Prarthana Samaj market, walk on Marine Drive – just anywhere I said
  • All day, we would gorge on my favourite food at my favorite eateries
  • Around 3 pm, she would take me to my favourite store – and my final pampering session would begin:
    • She would occupy a seat right in front of the dressing room
    • She encouraged me to pick out as many dresses as I wanted and try them on
    • Each time I emerged from the dressing room, she would set her loving eyes on me and smile.
    • Every time she nodded in approval, the dress would get into the ‘taken’ category
  • We would be armed with shopping bags and step out
  • She would crack jokes and make me laugh the entire day
  • This was the routine – every single year, for 5 years during my college life
  • Those were days when there were no mobile phones or cameras or social media – so I don’t have a single picture of those amazing times. But these memories are closest to my heart.
  • She never asked me anything about my friend’s routine for the day, she never spoke about regular stuff – the day was dotted with magical conversations and complete happiness.

I used to sail through Valentine’s Day with ease, thanks to my MOM. I don’t remember when the thought of being alone and feelings of being rejected on this “special day” slipped out of my mind completely. 

Today when I look back, I realise what a large heart it would have taken for a self-made mother of three to allow her daughter to shop as she pleased.

Adv. Usha Kiran Makasare & Mayura Amarkant
Over the years, the bond has become stronger.

She would have to repeat the process for the other two, I am sure she did, but she never made a big deal about it – never. How and when she made up for this time with my other siblings is still a mystery to me. 

I also realise the quiet role that my dad played in this game – he not only lent his support on the work front, but managed things at home so that mom and I could spend time. My siblings – they never ever complained or disturbed us on this day – I wonder why.

Adv. Kiran N Makasare & Mayura Amarkant
My dad played a quiet role – the ever supporting super hero

Today, as a mother of a growing young boy, I have such a wonderful story to narrate to my son. I am able to guide him properly, thanks to my mom. I am my son’s best friend, only and only because my mother was my best friend throughout college. My definitions of beauty, relationships & interpersonal skills come from my mother. Later, when my daughter grows up, I will be able to be her bestest friend ever – only because I had one in my mother.

My mother taught me that love has different forms and languages, one needs to have a clean heart to express it selflessly – without expectations. 

She never told me anything about Valentine’s Day – she simply took me out for 5 years straight. When I became old enough to understand, she quietly withdrew and remained a steadfast support to me – always.

Every Valentine’s day, she still calls me and says,


Adv Usha Kiran Makasare Mayura Amarkant
Every year, on Valentine’s Day, she calls me up and asks: Will you be my Valentine?


Do share your special experiences with your mother in the comments section. Let me know what you felt about my story. Leave a message for my mother, she would love to read what you think. 

Penned by
Mayura Amarkant

24 thoughts on “I sailed through my college years on Valentine’s Day: Thanks to my MOM!

  1. Oh my! Famous lawyer Usha Kiran Makasare is your Mom!!! And, you are my friend 🙂 Respect to aunty for giving time to her children and without telling showing how the deed is all about love at an age where everyone is flouting lovey dovey on FB. Btw, I bet many guys were after you in college. You were such a stunner 🙂

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  2. Awesome Parenting.
    Silent observation can convey volumes of information. You simply need to know when to be silent, and how to interpret the response.
    My Salutes to your Mother.The Silent Teacher….
    Mayura great narration, now simply say it out in Bollywood style – “Mere paas, mere paas… Maa hai…,”

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  3. Awesome daughter mother relationship. My eyes were a little wet while reading. Cheers. Life is beautiful it’s just tht we need to realize that. I love your blogs. Keep writing always.

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  4. what a beautiful and thoughtful piece on your mother and an even more beautiful relationship! she has given you wings Mayura to follow your dreams so that you could fly to unimaginable heights. Her unstinting support and love have fuelled your desires and dreams for she has not only held your hands but your heart forever too. God bless her and may she be an inspiration to many young mother’s so that they too can follow her example and help their own children journey through life’s corridors with grace and confidence.

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  5. you are so lucky to have such a beautiful and understanding mom……..lovely relation mom and daughter…………the best relation and jodi ma aur beti ki………….

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  6. HI Mayura,

    Phenomenal written—–Mother,

    “A Child who feels valued and accepted by his mother they can changed the world”

    Very Nice Understanding You & your Mother…….

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  7. You are very lucky that you have such a wonderful Mummy and of course a great father who is not less than He man and great human beings to whom I have come across

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  8. An excellent writeup wherein a person can FEEL each and every word. It’s truly most adorable writeup. I can myself feel all the love, affection, feelings of your mother for you . I don’t have any words to say about aunty. It’s truly a mesmerising feeling to have such a thoughtful , loving , affectionate FRIENDLY mom

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  9. You literally brought tears to my eyes at the point where you mention your mom still calls you to this day on Valentine’s to ask if you will be her Valentine… such a beautiful relationship… we realise what our mother’s have done for us once we become mother’s.. very well written.. totally love it…


  10. Having adorable Parent is like having almighty by our side, there is no doubt that we bring up our children exactly the way we have been brought up like .A true Reflection indeed.Your article really was from the heart and will touch every mother’s soul..very beautifully penned down .

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  11. Speechless!!
    How to say and what to say?
    Can’t express enough, was reading it as if this shouldn’t end it here. Wonderfully penned and well expressed mommy-daughter relationship. Kudos to your mom and dad for being so so active and supportive always. My words would be less to express what I felt, for last line but “Heart Smiled”. Stay blessed Mayura !! 💖❣

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  12. Wowww u r amazing mayura we r also 2 sisters and one brother I m the eldest daughter my relationship with my mother and sister is amazing can’t think of my life without them though my mother was a housewife she tried to give her the best as she could valentine day don’t remember anything that time was totally different my
    memories got refreshed reading ur blog
    amazing writing u connect to the readers so well god bless u with all the success any many more lovelyyy blogs for us love u

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  13. Ah you got me into teary eyes Mayura, what a lovely direct dil se post. Moms are best, I hope our kids/kid feel same for us one day.. Amen!
    The relationship you shared here between you & aunty is beautiful. I too had a very open & close bond with my mother. We were like partners in crime.
    This is a perfect Love post I have come across so far.

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