Women Cinematographers unite to change gender perception

Traditionally, Cinematography is perceived to be a profession dominated by men.However, with the changing times, this perception is changing. In the recent past, one has seen several women opting for this fascinating career.

Women in Cinematography are often looked at in awe and at times, doubt. Many times, she finds herself in isolation. There was an urgent need to unite women cinematographers across India. Senior Cinematographer, Fowzia Fathima and her fellow colleagues announced the Indian Women Cinematographer’s Collective on March 8, 2017.

iwcc group phot bw
Indian Women Cinematographers unite to serenade and support each other.

Until we connected to other women cinematographers, each of us experienced isolation.We are looked at as an exception and this perception needs to change. The time has come for the idea of the collective to manifest itself.”  Fowzia Fathima

Fowzia Fathima
Fowzia Fathima, SICA (Director of Photography – Mudhal Mudhal Mudhal Varai, Kucch To Hai, Mitr: My Friend)

Speaking about changing the gender perception, Priya Seth, WICA said, “The one thing we’ve known for certain is men and women look at things with different eyes…through a different lens. In the world of films, women have been well represented in front of the camera. I am excited to see how the film industry will be impacted as more women explore storytelling from behind the camera… it’s almost as if there is a whole new world to be discovered.” Priya has films like Airlift, Chef and Barah Aana to her credit as Director of Photography.

Priya Sheth DOP
Priya Sheth, Director of Photography – Airlift, Chef, Barah Aana

The collective comprises of Indian women cinematographers across India. It will showcase, encourage, celebrate and support work and vision of Women Cinematographers. The collective aims to use the digital medium to showcase the work of women cinematographers. They aspire to use the social media platforms to exchanged ideas and brainstorm on technical and creative challenges.

Preetha Jayaraman
Preetha Jayaraman, Director of Photography – Oggarane, Un Samaya Arayill, Gouravam

This will be a move towards a cinematic journey with more women cinematographers telling stories, where talent is the only requisite and there are no other limits. If we can inspire one woman to choose the craft of cinematography as a profession, we have made a difference” says Preetha Jayaraman

Women Cinematographers and young women from film & media schools who wish to be part of this collective can email: deeptigupta@mac.com.

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– Mayura Amarkant

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