Actor Sonallee Kulkarni Lokmat Sakhi

Celebrating Womanhood at Lokmat Sakhi

Lokmat Sakhi ManchDid you know that Lokmat encourages woman empowerment throughout the year through its special forum, ‘Lokmat Sakhi’?

More than 3 lakh women across Maharashtra are united through this powerful platform of idea exchange and self-expression. They have a unique bouquet of programmes across Maharashtra throughout the year. Something for each one of us.

My friend and I attended the International Woman’s Day celebration hosted by Lokmat Sakhi on March 7, 2017. It was a unique session where women achievers shared their experiences with fellow women.

The event saw prominent women like, actors Divya Dutta, Sonalee Kulkarni & Mayuri Wagh, WhiteSwan Consulting’s Dr Anjali Nigam & Pinkathon’s Sharmila Munj interacting with Janhavi Samant, Entertainment Editor, Lokmat.

Lokmat's Entertainment Editor, Janhavi Samant
Lokmat’s Entertainment Editor, Janhavi Samant built a bridge between the celebrity & audiences.

Divya Dutta reminisced her favourite memories with her mother and made an instant connect with the audiences. There were several instances where I got tears in my eyes and at other times I was in splits because of the anecdotes she shared. Her book, ‘Me & Ma’ has been published by Penguin Publishing and contains an account of memorable moments with her mother. Her talk made me miss my mother, I wish I had brought her to the event with me. In a very different context it reminded me of was my short fiction, Maa.

I usually get bored when I listen to long speeches. They sound more like sermons to me. However, the ‘Lokmat Sakhi’ talks were different, they made me sit up and listen. There were talks on the mother-daughter bond, self-defense, health and career challenges. Each topic was unique and totally relatable.

Actor Sonallee Kulkarni Lokmat Sakhi

Actor Sonallee Kulkarni spoke about challenges of being a female actor

The best part was the interactivity quotient of the event, the anchor and speakers ensured that the audiences were involved throughout.

Sonalee Kulkarni Lokmat Sakhi
The interactivity quotient was the highlight of the event.

I literally turned pink, when Sharmila Munj made an appeal to all women to stay fit and focus on their health. As women, we are so involved in spreading love and care to our family and loved ones, that we totally ignore ourselves. I rubbed my pot-belly and promised myself to get rid of it soon.

Sharmila Munj, Pinkathon Ambassador
Sharmila Munj, Pinkathon Ambassador said, “Health is the most important aspect of my life”.

Self-defense is very important for women and being alert helps. I have worked in this area and I sincerely feel as parents and mothers we have a great role to play.” When Dr. Anjali Nigam said this, I quickly wrote a note to myself.

Dr. Anjali Nigam
Dr. Anjali Nigam- CEO and Founder Director of WhiteSwan Consulting Group spoke about the importance of self-defense & value education

Mayuri Wagh shared her experiences about value-education and self-defense. Her winsome smile and positive attitude spread warmth.

Actor, Mayuri Wagh Lokmat
Actor, Mayuri Wagh shared her experiences about value-education and self-defense

Towards the end of the session, I emerged wiser, armed with vital tips to align my life.

Lokmat Sakhi Manch 2

More information about Lokmat Sakhi: (click here)

– Mayura Amarkant

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