Tight slap to private Doctors & request Modi ji & Fadnavis Sir.

During an emergency what does the patient need?

  • Immediate medical attention or a doctor who doesn’t turn up?
  • A clean environment with useless staff or an unclean environment with honest and experienced doctors?

On a public holiday, doctors decide to go absconding. God forbid if there is an emergency at your home on a holiday.

Here is what happened:

We had a medical emergency and the family doctor didn’t turn up because it was a holiday.

A family member had an accident right below our building. He managed to reach home somehow. Being Republic Day, all private clinics in our area were closed.  We frantically called our family doctor. At first he answered the call and said he would be there in 20 minutes. He never answered the call after that.

One and half hours and 20 futile calls later, we realized that the private doctor wouldn’t be turning up since it was a holiday.

We called about half a dozen private doctors – few of them never answered the phone. I guess they were busy celebrating the holiday with their family. The others who answered said that there was no doctor available. They advised us to get the patient to the hospital after which they would call the doctor. (I have no idea what happened to the concept of resident doctors).

Private doctors have fancy clinics, AC environment, long procedures for admission and delays because the doctor is ‘busy’. On a holiday, the doctors are never available. During an emergency the relatives are left confused because of the numerous tests and processes that the patient is put through. The worst is when the doctors are delayed because they are on a holiday or have stepped out for lunch/dinner/smoke.

Where does one go during a medical emergency on a public holiday?

We were losing time. We had no option but to rush the patient to a nearby municipal hospital.

First impressions of a municipal hospital

My first impression of the municipal hospital was a busy emergency ward where a hoard of patients lined up. The security were politely ushering the worried relatives to the right department.

The hospital was unclean. Very unclean – but extremely welcoming through its people.  

One look at my relative and the security immediately wheeled in a chair. It was broken, untidy but offered relief. The doctor immediately attended to our needs, the police who were stationed at the desk noted the complaint. Not a single moment was wasted. They promptly administered the first aid.

We were guided to the X-Ray facility and then to the CT scan facility. I must say that I was very impressed by the equipment and the doctors. However, I just couldn’t get over the unclean surroundings. The patient was in experienced hands – that was a great relief to us all.

The comfort lay in the smiling doctors, helpful staff and state-of-the-art equipment.

Here are the Pros & Cons of the visit:


– We received immediate medical attention
– The doctors and staff were cordial, prompt and experienced
– The police immediately attended to us and noted the complaint
– The prognosis and diagnosis was brilliant
– The treatment was low cost and affordable:
Cost of admission: INR 10
+ X-ray: INR 30
+ CT scan: INR 1200
+ relief that the patient received immediate attention: PRICELESS
– The equipment was state-of-the-art
– They didn’t expect a tip or bribe and worked selflessly
– Every staff member was alert. They read our worried faces and proactively stepped forward to help.
– There was no unnecessary faff or planting of thoughts in our heads – the doctor was to the point and good at his work.


– They accept cash only – Digital India hasn’t reached here
– They were nicer to people who spoke in Marathi.
– No mobile network or working public telephones across the hospital
– No ATM in the hospital
–  Swatchh Bharat Abhiyaan hasn’t reached here
– Digitization hasn’t reached here
– No system of files or record maintenance
– If a technician wasn’t at the desk, there is no way to trace them. No paging service or intercom service
– The equipment is state of the art, maintenance was neglected.
– No ward boys or assistants to help
– The staff and doctors didn’t have badges so we couldn’t identify anyone by name
– No directions or maps for guidance
– Receptionist was sleeping and a ward boy was sitting on top the reception table – ignored us.


The patient is better. I still recommend a government hospital because of the immediate care and correct diagnosis. We know that a private hospital would have costed a bomb. Also, since doctors would take time to arrive, we were at a risk. We would have to go through several tests to arrive at what the government doctor diagnosed with limited tests and a short span of time. The government hospital attended to the patient within 10 seconds and gave the correct diagnosis within 2 minutes.

A request to PM, Narendra Modi & CM, Devendra Fadnavis:

The government seriously needs to pay attention to medical facilities here in India. While you have experienced staff and doctors to take attend to patients, the cleanliness in the hospitals is dismal. Basic hygiene procedures need to be followed. There should be better systems and procedures in place. There is a constant latent fear of infections due to the unclean surroundings.

Can we have stringent laws for Private doctors? How can they conveniently disappear on holidays? Is it not their duty to cure a patient who needs medical help and assistance?

Wheelchair on which my family member sat. Notice the feet area.
Syringes and cotton swabs lying in the open
X ray
The X-ray room and a dismal wheelchair
ladies bathroom
Ladies toilet
waiting area
Waiting area outside the X-ray room. It is right outside a stinking bathroom right beside the garbage can.
Washbasin in the ladies bathroom
Garbage Can
Garbage Can outside the X-ray room

I have deliberately withheld the name of the doctor and the municipal hospital. Names don’t matter. My complaint is not against an individual, it is against a faulty system. I really hope that our Modi-fied government will change the systems and we see better facilities and cleaner environments in government hospitals. I really hope my blog post drills some sense of responsibility in the minds of private doctors.

– Penned by Mayura Amarkant


  1. Happy that your near one got he necessary treatment. Loved your post. I always ask, why these ministers and VIPs are taken to a Private Hospital ? I feel that instead of paying more attention to drives like Digital India CNN free WiFi, the govt should first improve its healthcare centers,


  2. It’s really sad how private doctors shun their duties. This post is an eye opener and I wasn’t aware that public hospitals can offer good services for I always have a low opinion about them. High time for them to improve services in terms of cleanliness, better wheelchair and infrastructure. Just imagine the plight of commoners.


  3. Glad that your family member is better…. yes i agree with you on the cleanliness part ….. its really unhygenic for a patient with low immune system when sick is to face …. he needs better ….. i hope your article makes the difference … i am with you.


  4. I truely believe with the facts you have to show the outer world…I fully agree with what you have brought to the notice….the system is corrupted unless you bribe the countless number of staff who are being paid for nothing…simply spoiling our own hard earned money…one man cannot bring change…..I won’t blame mr modi,as our system is completely infected wth their own greedy needs….mayura I always tried to bring our system to have a change..but people have started blaming the system…they do not change….let us fight together for the same…a small initiative may see a great change…all the best….iignesh


  5. Mayura first of all glad that alls well with your relative now.
    And Second I’m glad you’ve brought up the issue of hygiene in a municipal hospital.
    Every hospital wether pvt or municipal should maintain a certain level of hygiene or else rather than getting well a person can go back home with a rather grave illness… as I saw in the case of my own parent.

    Liked by 1 person

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