My Shadow…Have you seen it anywhere?

Have you seen it anywhere?
Maybe you saw it on your way…
My silhouette, my shadow
It is missing …
Vanished without a trail…

Where can I find the decamper?
Has it gone hiking in the valleys
Or trekking in the hilly terrains
Arm in arm when we were afoot
It quietly slipped away…

Who is this who walks with me?
Follows every move
A fearsome contour that resembles me
A hazy silhouette,
It threatens my sanity…

I want my shadow back
It was mine, a part of me
Have you seen it anywhere?
Maybe you saw it on your way…
My silhouette, my comrade…

Penned by

Mayura Amarkant

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Big Red Tent Vasind

Photographer: Mayura Amarkant
Model: Bhavisha Bhagtani
Location: Big Red Tent, Vasind (Maharashtra)

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  1. Lovely poem. It too reminded me of Peter Pan. In case you didn’t know, he was a boy who never grew up and liked to fly. He flew into Wendy’s room chasing after his shadow and asked Wendy to sew it back on to him.

    I, like an other commentator, never think about my shadow but I was fascinated by it when I was a kid.

  2. Great poem, I love looking at shadows. I once took a picture of seagulls on the beach. I captured one with the bird, ti’s shadow and reflection in the water! Hope you find your shadow again!

  3. This poem made me realize how rarely I look for my shadow anymore. If it is missing, I would never know it. Yet, when I was a child, my shadow was my constant companion. I was fascinated by how it would be short at certain parts of the day, and long in other parts.

  4. Beautiful Poem and something I am working on this year is rediscovering who I am and what is really important to me so I can get back to spending more time with my family as I was neglecting them.

  5. Beautiful poem for rediscovering yourself
    I also be a child again , stress free lively without any mask
    looking for more gems from your collection 🙂

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