This Secret Santa made my blog come alive…

In November 2016, I signed up for the Secret Santa initiative by my favourite blogging community, BlogChatter.
I asked my Secret Santa to give me whatever he/she thought suited me. I wrote this believing that nothing could ever surprise me. I also wondered why a Secret Santa would even bother to find out about me.
I completely forgot about this initiative in my busy life. One fine day, I received a parcel, a black box within which there as a jute bag. (Did I mention that I love black and adore jute material?)

Here is what it contained:


A personalized wooden pen & a spiral bound book with a wooden cover. What’s more, the cover featured the name of my blog…


I burst into tears when I saw my blog coming alive. I was so overwhelmed to see a physical manifestation of the virtual identity. My son saw it and said, “Mumma, does this mean that your blog can now have branded stationary that people can use?”. I had no answer. My Secret Santa left me with no words.

Secret Santa
My Secret Santa is: Avantika Chitlangia 

Her Twitter bio says:
Life goes by in the wink of an eye! Social Media Strategist/Manager – Blogger – Mom – Sweet Toothed Baker – Jill of all trades! on Insta/Snapchat.

When 2017 started, I began my first project entry in this book. I carry it everywhere I go. It is a vital part of my daily routine now. It motivates me to do better ….each time…thanks to Avantika…

Do visit her blog: Jill Of All Trades – A blog on reviews, fashion, lifestyle, food, technology, gadgets, parenting, beauty and more.


Add a comment, like and share the post – show some love! Looking forward to your reactions! 

I am giving my blog a boost with the Ultimate Blog Challenge – January 2017 edition.


  1. Wow!! what a lovely gift; I have just logged onto read her blog, added her on twitter and to my blog reading list as well (which is ever growing. Let me know if you want it, its on excel) This gift is not only thoughtful but extremely gracious too! Enjoy it! Cheers


  2. Surprises comes in small boxes . Heart warming surprise you got , Whats better then your personalized Diary , Gift which will be with us forever & whenever you pen down it let you be the child again & reminds you of santa 🙂


  3. What a thoughtful gift . I completely understand when you say no gift can really surprise us .. But isn’t it just amazing to be proved wrong. It’s priceless when someone wants to find out more about you and goes the extra mile . Secret Santa was a wonderful initiative and your posted helped me relive my happy moment upon receiving the gift too. Hope the Santa keeps showing inspiration and kindness all through the year on you .


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