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ANGELS’ PREDICT 2017 for YOUR SUN SIGN through Roshani Shenazz

2016 has been fantastic for my blogging journey. I have received so much love and praise from my readers. Here is a SPECIAL GIFT for you, my reader.
ROSHANI SHEHNAZZ, an extremely close friend agreed to specially channel messages for each Sun Sign for 2017. Shenazz is an internationally acclaimed Wholeistic Living Empowerist and a Spiritual Medium. She is a mentor, coach and best-selling author of ‘Angels Speak ~ Your Daily Dose of Divine Love‘. I am so grateful to her for spending time on each Sun Sign and specially channelizing each message specially for my readers. 

Want to know what 2017 brings for your sun sign?
Read on…

Archangels 2017

Aries – March 21 – April 19 – Governed by Archangel Ariel

Aries 2017Relationships – Angels say: This year will be important to close any long drawn or stagnating relationships. Look into the past and work on healing and releasing old anger and resentments connected to unhealthy or broken relationships. This year, if you focus on healing all of the past wounds you shall open up to meeting your suitable ideal partner of life. Career/Work – Angels say: This will be a great year to make new connections and expand your professional and personal circle. The impact of your attitude and behaviour with the people around you shall play an important role. It is a great year for manifesting your dreams and achieving your goals if you pay attention to all the details and do your due diligent human actions without being overconfident about anything.
Health – Angels say: You have to immediately start working on yourself and be aware of any kind of events that may create unnecessary stress and seeming health issues in this coming year. Needless stress may exacerbate health concerns. Release all fears, cares and concerns to your Angels. Talk about your feelings honestly to loved ones and do not suppress anything that may be of concern. Work on your inner faith on self, others and on life at large. There will be miraculous healings and transformations for many.

Taurus – April 20 – May 20 – Governed by Archangel Chamuel and Ariel

taurus 2017Relationships – Angels say: Peeling of old layers may be needed as you make great efforts to release your ex-relationships. There is a tendency to either cling on to the wrong person or keep going back to an unhealthy relationship. Refrain from doing either of these two things. Both are equally detrimental. There are possibilities of reconciliation for many Taureans. These could be either to take care of unfinished business or to heal and harmonise an old relationship for good. By mid-year, there will be a positive turnaround for many relationships. Elders of this sign should focus on forgiving the ones they are holding resentment for years and make peace with the flow of life.
Career/Work – Angels say: You are embarking on this great, blessed career switch this year. A career close to your heart and the one that shall bring you the joy, peace, abundance that you truly deserve and desire. They also bring you the message that all those who may be contemplating a career change but fearing it for any reason shall be compelled by the universe to take this positive step and leave behind all conflicts within with your insecurities, fears or a long drawn comfort zone. You are a strong headed determined person deep down and you know you can do it when you believe it. Do not let any past experiences or doubts deter you. Polish your self-worth and your experiences shall match that energy.
Health – Angels say: it is a good year for overall health. Some who may have been facing certain seeming issues shall move towards healing and resolve this year. You and family would have been praying for your or a loved one’s health for long, and Angels wish to tell you that there are possibilities of miraculous healing and recovery that is expected.

Gemini – May 21 – June 20 – Governed by Archangels Zadkiel and Gabriel

gemini 2017Relationships – Angels say: This year is an important turnaround in connection to some strong past life relationships that need a conclusion, closure or a great new beginning. Strong soul mate relationships shall surface or the Geminis already in such relationships shall have great lessons unfolding between each other. Lessons of patience, forgiveness and sharing unconditional love are involved. The magnetism of such relationships will surpass all logic. Whether or not you become life partners or not you would experience great personal and spiritual lessons of growth as a result. Keep the candle of faith and trust burning and expect a miracle in some of your relationships. There will be positive culminations to long-standing relationships turning into marriage.
Career/Work – Angels say: Approach your career and matters of finance with your heart. Even if the mind is sending you worries, release them and work with your heart and put in positive energy towards the manifestation of abundance and success. Open your heart to receive the good that is waiting in the wings this year. A year of growth, fame, appreciation, larger collaborations and lots of travel for many Geminis.
Health – Angels say: Overall health shall be fine, but yet attention is needed to improve the inner health of your emotions. Be attentive to your lifestyle and eating habits. Bring more physical exercise into your life’s schedule. You tend to be the solo player for most of the things you do as you are a great multi-tasking person. But the Angels guide you to balance and slow down a bit when need be and learn to delegate more. Non-delegation of work shall have a direct reflection on your health, thus trusting people to do work shall be a great action step this year.

Cancer – June 21 – July 22 – Governed by Archangel Gabriel

cancer 2017Relationships – Angels say: Great opportunities await you to meet the suitable partner of your life or positively take ahead an existing relationship. Your partner could bring you great insights about your professional life. Some may even start something together. Some important relationships shall propel you towards a career change, or to buy a new home, start a new beginning.

Career/Work – Angels say: Doors of possibilities are opening up this year. Weigh your options, look into your talents and gifts and how you can convert them into a passionate career or business. There might be some compromises to your comfort zone, but the Angels guide you to come out of them. The more you push your potential this year the better fruits you shall yield. Be open to co-operation and help others achieve their goals while the Universe helps you manifest yours. Creativity shall be on a rise. Use your talents at your optimum.

Health – Angels say: This year is important to work on your emotional health. Self-confidence, self-worth and self-love have to be the central focus. Your emotional health has been ignored in the past which has possibly manifested seeming health concerns. All those can be dissolved if you shift your focus to the causes rather than the symptoms. Take required actions when guided regarding overall mental, emotional and physical health.

Leo – July 23 – August 22 – Governed by Archangel Raziel

leo 2017Relationships – Angels say: A great positive change in families or family life for the Leos is in store. At first, it may seem overwhelming or chaotic but Angels assure that this is simply a part of the nesting and nurturing process. The process to awaken ourselves to the truth of our relationships. There will be an important guiding force person that shall help in some crucial relationship aspects and help you know your own feelings and priorities. Release all ego and operate from the higher mind and heart. There is also a happy change or addition to the family that is a possibility for many. Surrender any relationship concerns to God and your Angels.

Career/Work – Angels say: Stay optimistic as something that you have long wanted or waited for is going to turn around. Your patience shall bear fruit and give you the much-desired result. Be open to receiving. Some past events may fear or dissuade you from taking an important career decision but you are being guided to unearth more information and take the much-needed step. The year holds great career prospects for the ones who are ready.

Health– Angels say: It is important for you to stop all unnecessary worries about self or others. Worry is a big contributor to your health and may give you undesired results in this year if you do not curb and eradicate it. Change worry into a positive prayer. Create a manifestation box and write all your worries that you wish to release on paper and leave it in that box for the Angels to take care.

Virgo – August 23 – September 22 – Governed by Archangel Metatron and Ariel

virgo 2017Relationships– Angels say: It is safe for you to love again. Do not let past betrayals or hurt hinder you from positive relationships would currently be there or that which are waiting to manifest in your life. Only infuse loving thoughts and emotions into situations rather than act out of old patterns and fears. There are happy outcomes expected in your relationships provided you start seeing your world with new eyes.

Career/Work – Angels say: All those who have been struggling in this area have to let go of these struggles as they had created more energy blocks and barriers in their success. Blessings of parents shall be important as you need to release any strain, hurt or resentment if at all connected to either of them. If you have teething blocks in growth and work not being appreciated look into your relationship with your Mother and if it is to do with finances, money and material blocks, look into your relationship with your Father. Angels say, when you release the struggles one chance, the promotion or that big jump that you’ve been waiting for shall manifest this year.

Health – Angels say: If you have been running too fast and neglecting health then you’d push your health to slow you down a bit this year. Start taking positive actions right away. Listen to your gut feeling and intuitions about health matters or decisions. Do more research on any health matters for self or family/dear ones. Do not make hasty medical decisions and take second opinions for any such matters.

Libra – September 23 – October 22 – Governed by Archangel Jophiel

Libra 2017Relationships– Angels say: A very important relationship is about to enter or has recently in last few months entered your life. It shall be a relationship you have waited for in your life. There may be ups and downs but Angels say stay undeterred and let nothing shake your confidence. Past disagreements if any shall fade away this year and bring together important relationships. There is an upward movement, higher levels of trust and dedication in store this year. Indications of engagement, marriage or a form of recommitment is also on the cards.

Career/Work – Angels say: This year is of having patience with your work, business or job. Don’t be in a haste to start new things. Rather give your best to what is existing and that which is in your hands right now. Enjoy and love what you have in hand, so that you move towards attracting that which you love. Be an empty vessel in which the heavens can pour their love and abundance into. Blend your unique talents with the wisdom and synthesise it into a new and important way to live your life purpose through your work and career.

Health – Angels say: It is important to cut cords of attachment that have been draining you. Emotional cords could also manifest into tangible health/ abundance concerns that seemingly bring you down. Pray to Archangel Michael to cut all such cords and release you from the bindings of their effects. Cords could be with people – family, friends, spouses, associates or anyone living or deceased, life events and circumstances that have adversely impacted you. You could also have cords with people whom you may have helped or for whom you may have excessive worries about. Look into the life inventory and if there are any such chords that exist pray daily to cut and release them.

Scorpio – October 23 – November 21 – Governed by Archangel Jeremiel and Gabriel

scorpio 2017Relationships – Angels say: Your life revolves around family relationships this year. Pay attention to family. Balance your family and work life. If there are any concerns within the family pray for the positive outcome and resolve. It also includes close friends or people who you treat as family. Release and clear any old misunderstandings or unwanted patterns that may have caused any strain in your close relationships. This year signals bridging all gaps and more time spending for family togetherness, doing things together or even making extra efforts for family holidays.

Career/Work – Angels say: Having clear communication is very important this year in matters of work, office, finance and business relations. Do not assume that people will understand. Make efforts to communicate clearly. Face to face discussions will have better results than electronic communications in important matters or with important people of authority. There are chances of miscommunication and misunderstanding which can be avoided. Do not involve mediating people to speak on your behalf. Stand up for what you believe and be honest and clear in stating it. Overall career matters will be steady through the year.

Health – Angels say: This year will call for a balance in your diet, eating habits etc. Watch yourself from any extremes. Avoid excess of dehydrating substances salt, alcohol, dried fruits and excess of caffeine. Increase water, juices and liquid intake in your life. Pay attention to your emotional life and hydrate any voids that make you feel dry, deserted, and lonely or left out. Move away from addictions of aerated drinks or any such likes. Exercise, detox and sweat it out to bring your health back to the optimum.

Sagittarius – November 22 – December 21 – Governed by Archangel Raguel

Sagitarius 2017Relationships – Angels say; Stop fearing and attracting the wrong people in life. Focus on the good that you want to see in people and project only positive outcomes for all your relationships. Your fear to be hurt in relationships due to the past events in your life shall be resolved as you consciously work towards releasing your past. Daydream about your ideal partner in life and only project that which you want in your relationships. Be open to receive love; focus on creating a habit of trusting more – irrespective of your past.

Career/Work – Angels say: You need to exercise patience this year in regards to your work and career. Do not take any hasty decisions. Be patient if you have been working on some business or venture in life which has not been showing visible movement. It shall take some more time for all the pieces to fall in place and require complete faith from your end. Keep doing your bit and pursuing your goals. Your assistance may be needed in the career and work matters of a loved one. Be patient and the results will be beyond your imagination.

Health– Angels say: Love can heal everything. Your health needs self-love or emotional nurturing from a loved one. Practice Yoga and any self-affirming practices that can help you bring more love and care to yourself. Speak healing words for yourself and others. You may move into learning health related modalities to help yourself and even take it up as a profession down the year.

Capricorn – December 22 – January 19 – Governed by Archangel Azrael and Ariel

capricorn 2017Relationships – Angels say:There are possibilities of reconciliation with a past partner on the cards this year. The purpose could be to be together for good or to achieve healing, forgiveness and a harmonious closure with respect to your past. This year will help you understand yourself and your relationship matters more clearly. You shall take positive responsibility for the role you played in your earlier relationship dramas. Insights and revelations shall help you steer clear from repeating any mistakes in your future. It is also an opportune time to make peace with a family member or a friend. Reconciliation will free you from the bindings of old patterns and unforgiveness.

Career/Work – Angels say: Your blessed career that shall move you towards living your life purpose involves working with or for children or doing something connected to children. You shall begin positively in the said direction this year. In your daily life too you shall start being of importance and assistance to children and matters concerning them. Even if you are on a conventional job, the Angels ask you to pray and focus on your innate talents like writing, orating, music, sports etc., that could convert in time to come to become a profession or work connected to your life purpose. This year shall be good to enrol in related matters and learn new skills or modalities that shall help you enhance your path towards the goals.

Health – Angels say: This year is important to focus on matters concerning your throat and related body parts and areas. Do not neglect cold coughs, breathing or related concerns. Cleanse and clear your throat chakra of any suppression or bottled emotions. Speak up your truth in a loving way and pray that others embrace your view point. Express your thoughts and feelings to people who matter. Do not use harsh words, language about yourself or others. Don’t squelch your truth and create an expression of writing your heart out to get the due outlet to your emotions.

Aquarius – January 20 – February 18 – Governed by Archangel Uriel

aquarius 2017Relationships– Angels say: Events have taken place which may have dissuaded you from believing in the goodness of life. They want you to focus on unconditional love and to do all you can to love yourself, others and all the situations that present themselves to you, no matter their outward illusory appearance. Release any bickering and complaining and see how you can shift your perception to the goodness in your friendships and personal/ professional relationships. Focus on the good in people and you shall tap into their inherent goodness that shall help you create lasting bonds. Release all anger as that can prove detrimental and create strain. Let all challenging emotions dissolve to the light. Rise above your fears and take the courageous steps towards embracing responsibilities and culminating your relationships into positive outcomes.

Career/Work– Angels say: Be honest with your dreams and desires. This year is a time of making positive decisions with your work, career and business. Allow yourself to know your own worth. The past may have been a bit on the lower ebb but yet you are blessed with much more than you can ever know. This year will see great growth in synergies, collaborations, and a merger of your energies with the right people. Don’t either feel less confident or allow overconfidence of any past glory overtake you. This is a great time for new worthwhile beginnings. Create time to balance work and professional life.

Health – Angels say: You have to release the habit of taking on unnecessary stress. Release all stressful situations or unwanted worries that are self-imposed. Stress can pose a health concern if not looked into. Take good care and release any toxic thoughts and emotions to the light. Guilt, blames, unforgiveness, anger are all red flags for your health. Financial obligations may be weighing you down, but Angels say, release the worries truly and it shall all turn around for the better from this year on. Stress management shall be vital for your overall health and well-being.  Create healthy changes for your emotional health and the physical health shall automatically reflect the desired results.

Pisces – February 19 – March 20 – Governed by Archangel Sandalphon and Gabriel

pisces 2017Relationships – Angels say: From March 2017 there is a positive momentum being built towards the creation of your desired relationship. Remain optimistic about your love life and know that you too deserve love. Keep cheerful and maintain a positive outlook to speed up your dream life and relationship. It may have seen or been long for your dreams and plans to have manifested but this year you shall soon see a change. Don’t allow yourself to give up or lose hope just when your dreams are about to manifest.

Career/Work – Angels say: It is a very good year for all in the creative field. Those who are in conventional careers shall wake up to their innate talents and move towards expressing themselves creatively. Bring about creativity in your daily work life. Look out for innovation and new ways of doing things, enhancing your skill sets, learning something new that shall help you in your growth and progress. Spend time for some creative expression in life, be it art, music or innovation. When you work with colour, music, sound, lights, your mind and spirit travel on higher dimensions. Pisceans with creative ability or in a creative field shall achieve great recognition for their talents or work. Some important career decisions would need to be taken this year. It is a year of success and accolades.

Health – Angels say:  You have been nudged in many ways to look after your health. Part of living a successful life is to take care of yourself – be it emotional, mental or physical health. Be grateful for good health and see to it that you do not take health for granted. Express your feelings to friends or mentors or health professionals if you need help on the emotional front. Create a positive health change that shall impact your overall being. Listen to your body and respect what it demands in terms of rest, relaxation and sleep.

—- As told to Mayura Amarkant

s© Roshani Shenazz/2016-17 Channelled Messages for each Sun Sign for the Year 2017
Roshani Shenazz is an internationally acclaimed Wholeistic Living Empowerist and a Spiritual Medium, Mentor, Coach and best-selling Author of “Angels Speak ~ Your Daily Dose of Divine Love” who conducts Spiritual Growth/Inner Potential Corporate / Institutional Workshops, Seminars, Retreats, Meditations, and Personal guidance, healing, mentoring and master-minding Sessions. She has won many awards out of which the two important ones are – the UN ICongo Karmaveer Chakra and Global Fellowship Award and the Inspiring Women Leaders of Tomorrow Award. She is also a Member of – Unity in Diversity World Civil Society (UNAOC) – India Chapter and Global Dialogue Foundation; Mentee – Cherie Blaire Foundation and Honorary Life Member – ALL Ladies League (ALL) / WEF (Women Economic Forum – Yearly Forum of ALL)

 To know more about Roshani and her services, visit: www.sahh444.in or Email on: queries@sahh444.in

 For her daily empowerment angel messages subscribe to: www.youtube.com/RoshaniShenazzNadirshah338899


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  1. Yes,vey much I liked. I read Angel speak about my sun sign 10 minutes earlier.2times. I am thankful to all of you. Like me others also undoubtely will love it. Seems as if directly talking. Thank you so much.Wish you help all always this way. Thanks again.


  2. Mayura , I found my predictions in line with what I have hopes for the year. i particularly found the idea that important career decisions need to be made very heartening .. i cant wait to come back here and re read this post in December !
    thanks for sharing..


  3. sp true amd apt with my sun sign infact I could relate the concern areas now presently. Easy method for manifeststion is given which I will religiously follow for better results for my soul’s highest good. I checked the whole family ‘s signs and so true and apt. Heartfelt Gratitude to Roshani Shenazz to empower more souls globally and being a Beacon of light. Immense Blessings!

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  4. Dear Roshni….i connected with my sign….its amazing how these readings which are totally relevant to my life right now. Thank you Mayura for connecting us to such lovely people. 😊

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