Make Christmas Goodies with your child says TANVI SRIVASTAVA SETHI

Super mom TANVI SRIVASTAVA SETHI loves baking and involves her little one Dhruv at the decoration stages. Result: her child not only learns to be responsible but also devours the goodies eagerly. The mother-son duo share lot of interesting conversations while decorating cakes and cookies. She finds that it is a great way to bond with her son.

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Tanvi says: “I love baking and cooking. I guess my 6-year-old has picked that from me. I am always worried that he will land up in the kitchen and switch on the gas. This has led me to experiment with recipes where the use of gas is minimal and Dhruv can participate in the process. The recipe is extremely minimalistic and the end product is very delicious. Everyone in my family simply loves the Biscuit Bites made by Mumma-Dhruv team.”


Part 1
Marie Gold Biscuits
Kissan mix fruit jam
Sprinklers ( of your choice)
Part 2
Dark compound (Morde) 100 gms
Amul fresh cream 50 gas
Amul butter 1 table spoon
Part 1
Take Marie biscuits on the inner side apply Kissan jam.
Add sprinklers. Join the 2 sets of biscuits like a sandwich.
Join the 2 sets of biscuits like a sandwich.
Part 2
(During the first step of this part, I keep Dhruv distracted with a board game, painting, books or leave him with his dad or grandparents)
Melt chocolate, cream and butter over a double boiler
Once it’s melted and cooled, dip the biscuit sandwich
Decorate it as per your choice
Refrigerate for 10 mins. Ready to serve.
Watch your family members polish off their plates!
Merry Christmas!

– As told to Mayura Amarkant

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