Sarika Shahu

Easy Tutty-Fruity cake: BAKE BY MOMZ’s Sarika Shahu

Sarika Shahu
Sarika Shahu, mompreneur and co-founder of BAKE BY MOMZ

Sarika’s story begins like any of the home-makers around you. After completing her B.Com from Gujarat, Sarika got married. She hails from a background where women are treated as third-world citizens. Her dreams of being an independent and successful person were crushed when she was married off at an early age. She kept the embers burning and nurtured her dream to become a mompreneur some day. An ideal mother, a perfect wife, best friend and exemplary – Sarika has every quality of a good-natured, contemporary woman. She supported her daughter’s dreams and ensured that she becomes an international level skater. Her relatives swear by her commitment to her family and husband.
But her story doesn’t end as a sad homemaker, here is a woman who made her dreams come true.

She found the perfect partner in her husband, Nilesh, who stood by her while she battled storms. With his backing, while she performed her duties as a homemaker, she also completed her Bakery and Craftsmanship course from IHM and Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition from Dadar Catering College. Apart from this, she acquired a distinction at ECE Teacher training course apart from completing a certificate course in textile designing from Gujrat.
Sarika is lucky to have a circle of fantastic friends who force her to do her best – all the time. Today, years later, Sarika is a successful mompreneur and runs her dream venture, BAKE BY MOMZ with her friend, Varsha Wadhwa.
With Varsha Wadhwa, partner and co-founder BAKE BY MOMZ
BAKE BY MOMZ says: “We Bake IT, You Take It!!”
They take orders for Exotic Delicious Brownies, Different Bread Rolls, Croissants, Flakky Puffs, Doughnuts, Cookies etc.
Here is her favourite recipe – Tutty-Fruity Cake. She claims that it is an easy recipe that a newbie baker can try at home. iRecommend BAKE BY MOMZ to anyone who wishes to make their special day even more special.
Easy to bake – Tutty Fruity Cake
First a bit of the background….why did Sarika choose this recipe to share with us?
Here is what she says: As a child, receiving a slice of tutty-fruity cake at a friend’s birthday was a treat to the eyes and taste buds. I often visited the bakery and gazed at the tutty-fruity cake. I didn’t have the money nor did I have the courage to ask my mother. I usually asked the price and quietly retreated from the bakery. The aroma of fresh bread, khaari and regular cakes was mesmerising. In those days, cakes were a special treat that one received on birthdays only. 
Tutty-fruity cake was one of the first recipes I mastered so that I could bake one whenever I wanted. 
Since childhood, I love plain cakes with no cream at all. Maybe the child in me is still alive and that is why this is my favourite cake.
It goes best with my kadak chai or as a dessert after meals or as a handy snack for in-between hunger pangs. 


Flour / maida – 115 gm
Powdered sugar – 115gm
Butter – 85gm
Eggs – 2 large
Baking powder – 1/2 tsp
Vanilla essence – 1 tsp
Tutty fruity – 100gm to 150gm as per choice ( I used 150 gm)Method
– Sieve the flour with baking powder and keep aside
– Cream the butter till light and fluffy with an electric beater
– Add sugar part by part, continue creaming
– Beat the 2 eggs separately and add in the butter n sugar mixture
– Add vanilla essence
– Slowly add the flour n baking powder that was sieved together
– With the help of a spatula mix it by Cut n Fold method
– Sprinkle some extra flour on the tutty fruity so that while baking it does not sink to the bottom
– Mix properly so that there be no lumps remain, do not mix vigorously as it might lose the air we created
– Pour the mixture into a lined 1/2 kg square or rectangular tin
– Bake at 180 degrees celsius for 15-20 min
Note: the baking time can differ but we can cross check by inserting a tooth pick in middle of the cake. If the tooth pick comes out clean it means its baked. if not then can be baked again for 5-7 minutes.
Happy Baking!
Do you have any questions regarding the recipe?  Get in touch with Sarika:
Instagram: sarika_shahu
Readers may have been wondering why the Christmas series contains recipes that are different from the typical goodies of this season.
Well…wouldn’t you prefer easy-to-make recipes that guarantee success rather than recipes that require practice?

Is there something you wish to share? Did Sarika inspire you to begin baking? Do let me know in the comment section.

–  Mayura Amarkant

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