Basantika Bagree Sharma

15 Positive Parenting Tips by Basantika Bagree Sharma, founder-KIDUCATE

In a world where each person behaves as if the sky has fallen upon them, it is rare to see a person who exudes positivity all the time. There is just ONE phrase that can describe BASANTIKA BAGREE SHARMA“Epitome of Happiness, Positivity & Warmth”. 

Basantika Bagree Sharma
Basantika Bagree Sharma, Founder – KIDUCATE

When I thought of the topic: Parenting Tips for 2019, I was looking for a happy parent or someone who has several years of experience in handling children. Basantika fitted the bill to the ‘T’.

SHE LOVES KIDS and has 13 years of experience as an Early Childhood Educator. She was associated with a prominent international school in Mumbai for over a decade. 

She is a parent to 6-year-old Sitara and the founder of one of the best parenting groups on Facebook. What’s more? Her entrepreneurship venture, KIDUCATE is committed to providing children with holistic, real-life experiences through workshops, field trips, and several unique initiatives.

Here are 15 Parenting Tips by Basantika.

As a parent, I completely endorse her views and firmly believe that practicing them will make 2019 a better year for my children. 


Read, read, read and keep reading to your children as much as you can.
It is the best way to sharpen language skills, nurture creativity and enhance lateral thinking.

Get involved with your child’s play!
You will be surprised to learn about their cognitive growth as their learnings unfold in their play.

Volunteer at your child’s school, whenever there is a possibility.
Loads of schools are now opening up involving parents for several school events like Fun n Fair, Cultural nights, Farmers Market, etc.

Eat at least one meal together as a family.
Conversations over meal times are very powerful. It’s the best time to talk about your day to the people who matter the most to you. So use it to strengthen family bonds.

Treat your children as individuals, as mini-adults and do not baby talk them all the time.
Gen X is good at finding out the ‘how’ but little to they learn about the ‘why’. Reason out situations and circumstances with them, rather than just a plain “NO! ‘Cos I am saying so.” or “’cos I am your mother!”

Get them registered in FEWER classes/activities
Do not succumb to the “PPP” syndrome (parent peer pressure). Along with using your instincts, collectively discuss with your child and make an informed decision about the activity your child would like to enroll in.

Teach them the value of time
Time does not wait for anyone. It’s all about time management skills in the 21st century.

Basantika Bagree Sharma Kiducate
With her little one, Sitara and soulmate, Ajay Sharma.

Explore the outdoors
Parks, nature trails, seashores, Equal Streets, cultural events, etc. Nothing like a good outdoors time with family!

Let Sundays be FUNDAYS!
Let this day be a somewhat ‘no routine’ day. Keep it free and let it unfold in an easy, lazy laid-back manner. We all like to be a bit off routine once in a while, don’t we?

Involve them in house chores
Laying the table, making the bed, taking the pet for a walk, etc. This will help them work towards being responsible and independent individuals for the future.

Be honest with them
Believe it or not, honesty is still the best policy! Instil confidence in them by vocalising their achievements that actually describe the task they have achieved and not just saying “Oh! Very nice/good!” And communicate to them their doings which still need your guidance and support for them to master.

Drop your gadgets once you are home and get involved in the little things
It is the smallest things that bring plenty of joy. Whether it is playing board games, cards or cooking simple recipes, you will discover the worth of this “No Gadget Time” you have created not only for your child but for you as well!

Make children listen to as many genres of music as possible and listen to the music they like
Music is a universal language and not only does it has the power to break all barriers and differences, but also decreases stress and increases the happy hormones. Remember, a family that sings and dances together is happy forever! 🙂

Enroll them in a sport that they like
Nothing like a good sport in one’s routine to keep them fit and healthy.

Express love to your children in as many ways as you can!
For everything goes but love is immortal.

Do you practice any of the above? Are there any tips you would like to add? Let us know which of these tips you will be implementing. Basantika and I would love to know what you think. Do leave your views and suggestions in the comments section. Do like and share the post if it touched your heart.

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– Mayura Amarkant

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