Sawal hi galat ho to koi jawab kaise dega – Vibhuti Duggar Mutha

The Facebook views for her videos have crossed over 2 lakh viewers from across the world. Many of you would have received her hard-hitting poems on demonetization through WhatsApp. A simply dressed, elegant lady speaks to you, ignites a thought-process. No drama. Just a deep connect through words.
After a long Skype interview, she told me that there is a poem that she has written exclusively for this blog. Here it is:

I burst into tears when I heard the poem for the first time. Each time I hear the words they pierce through my soul. For a writer, there is no bigger gift than that of words. And today, words cannot express the gratitude I feel towards Vibhuti for sharing her favourite poem on this blog.

“Mayura, through this poem – Sawal hi Galat ho toh koi jawab kaise dega! I want to tell the world what every woman feels when she is treated as an object without an identity.”

Who is Vibhuti Duggar Mutha?
Mother of two, Vibhuti was born and brought up in a humble town called Raipur, the capital of Chattisgarh. She hails from a conservative family where her post graduation took place by accident. A pandit advised her parents to postpone her wedding due to which, young Vibhuti was allowed to pursue her MBA.
Today, years later, she is an entrepreneur and trainer in Dubai. Through her venture, Project Purpose, she conducts mind-mapping workshops. This NLP practitioner not only trains people on the ‘Purpose of Life’ but also arranges high-level international speakers for Dubai residents.

Poetess, Painter, Sketch Artist, Speaker, Trainer, Mother, Wife, Daughter, Friend: VIBHUTI DUGGAR MUTHA

Her Twitter bio says:
Speaker| Artist| Certified trainer in NLP & Mind Mapping| Founder Project Purpose| Set out to elevate the personal development & #learning landscape in #UAE


One day, at college, while correcting her friend’s poetry, she discovered that poetry writing was her passion. After her MBA, when she started her career in training at Raipur, she would open her sessions with a poem. At times these were her own and at other times they were poems that had impressed her. However, when she came to Dubai, she realised that probably opening a training session with a Hindi poem wasn’t a very good idea. That’s when she translated her poems and started uploading them on YouTube.

“I was used to receiving an odd 2,500 views on my videos on Facebook and that kept me happy. However, when the recent videos on demonetization crossed over 2 lakh views, I realised that I had succeeded in spreading a message.”

Did the poem touch your heart as well? Do let me know in the comments section. If the post touched your heart, do share it with your friends.

– Mayura Amarkant

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  1. Hey Mayura, I am glad to know this strong-minded lady. I do have less inclination towards poems but yes, I appreciate the one with the talent. Please check the poem’s link, its not redirecting properly.


  2. Superb poem….hats off this female for taking a step towards psychological renaissance……
    Poem is a ultimate depiction of a typical Indian girl’s upbringing and future….
    Mayura Amarkant…. it’s my kind request to to promote this article or poem to be precise as much as possible….. Indian society urgently needs a PSYCHOLOGICAL RENAISSANCE QUICKLY……
    do ask Vibhuti Duggar to make more such poem and influence people

    Liked by 1 person

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