Short Story: What if…

Source: The Daily Mail (Oct 20, 2016)

In every crowded place, every time someone passed by, each time he sat beside her, her nose would search for a particular scent. Whenever their hands interlocked, they kissed. He hugged her tightly and she rested her tired head on his chest and ran her fingers through his back. Her fingers yearned for a specific sensation. She shut her eyes each time they made love. When they reached the peak, she secretly opened her eyes but couldn’t find what she was looking for.

She was always quiet and when he asked her the reason she would smile and say, “I am like this only.” Her mind would drift to those carefree days when she was known for her crazy pranks. Complaints from neighbours, teachers and peers were common. Her loud laughter would echo through the narrow lanes of her area.

Today, her life was perfect. He doted on her, she was the ideal wife and they had two angelic children. She got along with her in-laws and he was very respectful and loving towards hers. She had her space and he had his. But something was missing.

One day, while rummaging through her stuff she found a crumpled piece of paper. Her face fell when she opened it. Portions of it were not visible because it was blotted…maybe with tears that had dried up. Nevertheless, she started reading…

Unspoken words
There is a lot to tell and much to express,
A loss of words and an urge to impress,
Nothing can reflect my hesitation,
Now that I’ve faced rejection,
My wounds are eternal and will never heal,
The unspoken words won’t tell what I feel!

Tears rolled down her cheeks as she put the paper away. Her phone beeped. It was a friendship request on Facebook. The tears disappeared and her face turned red with a warm glow. She was blushing, after so long. After some deliberation, she accepted the request.

Step one, sign out of all the sessions across browsers and devices.
Step two, change all passwords.
Step three, disable all sync to drive and cloud + disable back-up.
Step four decide a time for chatting with strict rules.
= Life was sorted. She would never get caught.

He left for an office tour. A secret meeting was organised. Kids were packed off to the grandparents and the maids sent on leave. She spent the entire day in the salon, even did a bikini wax. The I-pill and a pack of condoms were her shield. 

They met.
When they shook hands, she found the sensation.
They hugged. The same scent, the broad back, the musty breath – she finally found it.
One thing led to another and they peaked in unision, she secretly opened her eyes…only to shut them tightly.

Some time later, they reminsced the past. The flowers, the cards, teddys, close dances, drives and intimacy. There was so much to talk about…

One hour later, there was an awkward silence. Topics of the past got over and the conversation moved towards daily routine. She was all praises about ‘him’ and he spoke about ‘her’ with love. The ‘children’s’ antics became the hot topic.

Another awkward silence later, their minds left the room.

She shuffled her feet and got up to leave. He didn’t stop her.

On her way back, she blocked the profile.

A week later her soulmate returned and she hugged him tightly. Here is where she belonged.

—- Penned by Mayura Amarkant

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