A God Named Sin - Mayura Amarkant

Short Story: A God Named Sin | From Trapped In Heaven & Other Stories | Mayura Amarkant

A God Named Sin

A happily married woman with 2 children receives a text from her ex boyfriend. She hatches the perfect plan to meet him. What happens next? Every person who is nursing a broken heart should read this story.

A God Named Sin - Mayura Amarkant

To read the full story, buy the book, Trapped In Heaven & Other Stories by Mayura Amarkant.

Trapped In Heaven & other stories is an anthology of fiction written by debutante author, Mayura Amarkant. It contains 9 short stories that circle around the myriad shades of love and relationships. Using a gripping narrative, Mayura spins each story with great élan, keeping the reader hooked till the end.

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If you are a die-hard romantic or a fan of erotica, then this book is for you.

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Mayura Amarkant 


    1. Thank you…I am so glad you liked it…I had changed my writing style for this one..was really worried on the audience reaction. Your comment has put me to peace.

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