Even Change Changes!

Nothing is permanent except change,
But it is not accepted, isn’t it strange?
Change is inevitable, it will happen,
If we cannot adjust, our spirits dampen.

It is a part of life, we must agree,
Even if ignored, its there for us to see,
It is going to happen, we must be prepared,
When it takes place, we shouldn’t be scared.

It can be for the better, or worse,
It may give happiness, or leave wounds to nurse,
The change may be, an unpleasant one,
It is destiny, so don’t be stunned.

Whatever happens, happens for the best,
God will take care of you, as he does for the rest,
The new situation will be just another phase,
It will change again, to a better set of days!

– Penned by Mayura Amarkant


Inspired by a quote spoken by pre-Socratic Greek philosopherHeraclitus of Ephesus.

This is my Day 15 post for Ultimate Blogging Challenge  #DailyChatter through the amazing @BlogChatter community of bloggers


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  1. Very empowering poem. Life is not static and we shouldn’t be fettered by living in the past. I’ve done this for too long and was stuck. It slowly knocking sense on my head to embrace change.

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